January 28, 2007

Lucinda Coffey

The Lucinda who may be the daughter of Enoch married Stanhope Whisenant/Whisenhunt c1852. Stanhope was born c1842 in North Carolina and died on Apr. 18, 1862 at Camp Magnum, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. Stanhope had joined Co. D., 11th NC Infantry, CSA on Feb. 12, 1862. He was 32 years old! Less than two months later was dead from an unstated disease.

During his marriage to Lucinda he fathered four children:

Jasper, born c1854
Joseph, born c1855
William, born c1856
Malinda, born c1859

After a little more than six years of widowhood, Lucinda married Francis M. (Frank) Herald on Sep. 22, 1868 in Caldwell Co. I have found three children for them:

Lottie, born c1870
Enoch Vaughn, born c1873, died Jan. 10, 1953
Wilburn Dixon, born 1875, died 1956

Enoch married his cousin Nora Celia Coffey, daughter of Julius Calvin and Eugenia Lavania Dellinger Coffey. Their children were Lila Lavada, born 1900, died 1981; Welburn Frank, born Jan. 10, 1903; Lucinda, born 1906, died 1995; Vaughn Isaac, born Jun. 12, 1909; and Stuart Ellis, born Sep. 6, 1922, died Jun. 21, 1994.

These families were in Johns River, Caldwell Co. for generations, and can be found in records dating from about 1830 through 1910.

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