January 25, 2007

Polly Dowell Coffey

The Winter 2007 edition of the Owen County History & Genealogy Newsletter has been published. This edition concludes the three-part submission on the Rev. Reuben A. Coffey by Janet Vos Amtower.

Janet included a photograph of Polly Dowell, Reuben's wife of nearly 50 years.

In her concluding article, she wrote:

"Polly Dowell Coffey, the woman who had been by Reuben's side for almost fifty years helping him on the farm and with his ministry lived for thirteen years after her beloved husband died. Reuben and Polly's daughter Miriam who was a widow had moved into her parents' home with her young son Newell in 1852. When Reuben Coffey died in 1854 the two widows ran the farm and raised Miriam's toddler.

When Polly Dowell Coffey died on February 11, 1867 at the age of 79 it was in the middle of a harsh Indiana winter. 'The roads were impassable and the men had to lay down the fences and go through the farms to the graveyard for the burial.' Polly was buried next to her husband in the Coffey Cemetery near the Bethel Church where Reuben had been pastor for eighteen years."

Readers interested in Janet's research should contact the newsletter editor, Vivian Zollinger at 1819 Concord Road, Gosport, IN 47433 or via e-mail.

Janet's work is well documented. It will not only give the reader a good look at this well traveled and pious family, but also a good overview of what life was like for early Owen Co. pioneers. Anyone researching in Owen Co. should be a subscriber to this newsletter.

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