January 16, 2007

Singing on the (Grandfather) Mountain

Happy John
The 83d Annual Singing on the Mountain will be held Jun. 24, 2007 at the base of Grandfather Mountain near Boone, NC.

The event website - click on title link to visit - describes this as a "...day-long gathering held out-of-doors in a meadow at the base of Grandfather Mountain" where "...some of the top Southern Gospel groups will perform."

In the photo is John Wesley "Happy John" Coffey and was taken in 1963 at the 39th Singing on the Mountain.

Happy John was born Aug. 6, 1877 in Watauga Co., a son of Joseph R. Coffey and Martha Elizabeth Gragg. He married Ella Adelaide Henderson on Feb. 9, 1901 in Watauga Co., NC.

Their children numbered five:

Charlie Edward Coffey, born Oct. 10, 1900, died unknown; married Georgia Missouri Coffey, daughter of George Calvin and Louisa Elizabeth "Lou" Curtis.

Cordie Myrtle Coffey, born Feb. 25, 1902, died Jun. 17, 1978; married Lloyd Edgar Coffey, born Jun. 26, 1899 in North Carolina, died Jan. 23, 1988. Lloyd was a son of Walter Gwyn and Julia Hayes Coffey.

Zadia Elizabeth Coffey, born May 24, 1903, died Feb. 23, 1996; married William McKinley Bolick. He was born Apr. 17, 1895 in Rufus, Caldwell Co., NC and died Jul. 5, 1977 in Watauga County.

James Herman Coffey, born Dec. 5, 1904 in the Globe community of Watauga Co., died Mar. 14, 1979 in Boone. He married Hildred Myrt Church, born Aug. 4, 1907. She was the daughter of Joseph Commodore and Nora Rebecca Hollifield Church.

Dolphus Sylvester Coffey, born Aug. 8, 1906 in the Globe, died Dec. 13, 1981 in Blowing Rock. He married Bessie Downs, born Aug. 19, 1907, died May. 14, 1997 in Blowing Rock.

Some vital information is still missing but I hope to have more research completed shortly.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections.

Clipping and photograph courtest Margaret Coffey Farley

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