February 1, 2007

Edward Coffey Project

I have updated the files on the Edward Coffey Project website. Click on the title link to view them.

The update represents all information that I have added since the March 2006 update, and is current as of Feb. 1, 2007.

Corrections and additions can be submitted to me from the website by using the e-mail link, or from here using this link.

Remember that the information is what I believe is accurate, and have found in various sources. I do not guarantee it to be 100% accurate. Sources cited should be personally checked by everyone before adding my date to their files. Some information is not sourced but is widely believed to be accurate. Researchers should use the information only as a guide.

The time and effort that I - not to mention all of the other researchers who have submitted information - is costly and time consuming. I am proud of the amount of information that I have added to this project and would appreciate credit in any form that someone might use it.

The information is available on CD via USPS for $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. It will also be available on CD at the 2007 Coffey Cousins' Convention in Iowa. Use the address on the website to order a CD.
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