March 6, 2007

2007 Coffey Cousins' Convention

If you have plans to attend the 24th annual Coffey Cousins' Convention from Apr. 26th-29th, 2007 in Dubuque, IA and have not yet registered, you might want to hustle it up a bit. Click on the title link for more information and a registration form.

Hostess and Coffey Cousin Darlene Clark has worked hard to bring this together and, is looking for a large attendance. All of us are looking forward to meeting new cousins.

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    One is the Ives Family History Blog, covering my father’s family going back to William Ives, co-founder of New Haven, as well as those who married into the family (e.g., Bassett, Dickerman, Yale, Atwater, Peck, Cooper, Day, Humiston, Bishop, Dunbar, Rich and others).

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    Thanks, Bill Ives


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