March 29, 2007

James Nelson and Sarah Margaret Barrier Coffey

James Nelson, third born of the 10 children of James and Keziah Watters Coffey, was the father of 12 children by his wife Sarah Margaret Barrier. Sarah was the daughter of Richard and Permelia Ann Loweall Barrier, and was born Jan. 14, 1844 in Kentucky. She died in Wayne Co. in 1935.

Nelson was born Jul. 9, 1811 in Burke Co., NC and died Feb. 22, 1878 in Whitley Co., KY. He and Kezia, who was born born Mar 6, 1910 in TN, and died Jun. 5, 1885 in KY, were married Oct. 14, 1830 in Pulaski Co., KY.

Richard Barrier was born Dec. 17, 1822 in Wayne Co., KY and died there on Oct. 4, 1907. He and Permelia married there on Nov. 4, 1842. Permelia was born May 7, 1826 in Wayne Co., and died Mar. 17, 1889 in that county.

These are the children of James Nelson and Sarah Margaret Barrier Coffey:

Jane, born May 1, 1862, died Mar. 15, 1927. She married Lafayette Emberson Foster on Jan. 15, 1885 in Wayne Co. I know of three children: Eveline, born Mar. 1886; Martha, born Apr. 1889; and Granville, born Jul. 1890. In 1900 they resided in Parmleysville, and in 1920 and 1920 they were in Bell Hill, all in Wayne Co.

Nelson C., born Feb. 17, 1864 in Wayne Co., and died May 30, 1934 in [probably] Wayne Co. He married Sarah Emerine Worley Feb. 2, 1887 in Wayne Co. She was born Jan. 4, 1867 in Wayne Co., and died there on Oct. 10, 1967. Their children were: Rachel and Emerine, born and died 1888; James Nelson, born Apr. 22, 1889, married Dica Ann Roberts; Albert, born Apr. 7, 1891 in Wayne Co., and died in Hamilton Co., OH on Nov. 13, 1970. He married Little Susan Denney on Aug, 20, 1911 in Wayne Co. She was born Nov. 11, 1893 in Wayne Co., and died May 7, 1869 in Hamilton Co. They were parents of 10 children. The fifth child of Nelson and Sarah was Wilburn, a twin to Albert, born Apr. 7, 1891, died Apr. 12, 1971. He was followed by Alice, born Mar. 1893; Sarah Margaret, born Feb. 8, 1897, died Dec. 31, 1957, married Feb. 26, 1915 to John Roscoe Denney, born Feb. 11, 1890, died Oct. 3, 1975 in Wayne Co. Their last child was Kizzie Elizabeth, born Apr. 15, 1902.

Richard, born Apr. 1865 in Wayne Co., married Roseanna [LNU], who was born Aug., 1877. I have found two children for them: Thomas, born Jan., 1891 and Martha L., born Aug., 1892.

Kesiah, born Dec. 1866

Permelia [Amelia] A., born May 14, 1868, died Jan. 24, 1943

Henderson, born Oct. 15, 1870, died Jan. 31, 1960. He married Feb. 27, 1902 to Margaret Coffey, a daughter of Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey. Margaret was born Nov. 6, 1870 in Wayne Co., and died there on Nov. 9, 1946. Their children were Ida, born c1902, died Jan. 26, 1934; Garnett, born Nov. 24, 1093, died Mar. 6, 1975; Walter, born Oct. 29, 1906; Lexie, born Jan. 9, 1909, died Sep. 16, 1967; and Everett, born Sep. 22, 1911, died Jul. 10, 1970.

Pruda, born Mar. 15, 1873 in Wayne Co., died Jan. 14, 1965 in Monticello, Wayne Co. She married Calvin Koger, Jr. on Apr. 7, 1898. He was born Feb. 15, 1872 and died Aug. 8, 1951 in Monticello. Their children were Elbert G., born Jul., 1899; India, born c1902; Math [?], a son, born c1903; Edgar, born c1905; and Fronia, born c1908.

Adinna, born Jan. 24, 1876 in Wayne Co., married Cooper Burnett on Dec. 30, 1903. Cooper was born 1871 in Pulaski Co., KY. I have no other information on this couple.

Mary N., born Jun. 22, 1878 in Wayne Co., and died there on Nov. 18, 1947. She married John D. Cooper on Jan. 11, 1900. He was born Mar. 1, 1871 in Wayne Co. and died there on Apr. 9, 1954. Their children were Stella, born c1902 and Wilfred, born c1915. There were probably others that I have not yet found.

Nancy, born Mar. 4, 1881

Burl, born Mar. 4, 1881, married on Mar. 7, 1903 in Kentucky to Camely Steele, daughter of John M. and Eliza Steele. She was born Dec., 1884 in Kentucky. Their children were Mabel; Earnie; Oscar; Mary Jane; Leslie; Frederic and Woodrow.

Susanna, born Mar. 11, 1886 in Kentucky, married John Messer. I have found no other information on this couple.

Census records show that all of these children remained in Wayne Co., and for most of their lives lived near each other.

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