April 4, 2007

Hugh Coffey and Agnes Montgomery

I received news from Bill Love this morning that he has succeeded in having his ancestor Hugh Coffey recognized as a Patriot by the Sons of the American Revolution.

Bill wrote:

Hugh Coffey, Sr., born 13 May 1750, Harper's Ferry, Jefferson, VA; married Agnes Montgomery in 1769 in Lancaster Co. SC. Hugh Sr. was a soldier in the SC militia 1780, 1781, 1782 under Lt. Col. Henry Hampton at Blackstock's Plantation. From 23 Apr to 11 May and 4 Jul to 31 Jul 1781 was in cavalry under Lt. Col Frederick Kimball at Camden. Tories took all his property.

My lineage to Hugh Coffey, Sr. is:

Gen. 1. Joseph William Love, Jr.
Gen. 2. Joseph William Love and Eva Elizabeth Henderson
Gen. 3. John Blake Love and Lucy Peace Caskey
Gen. 4. William Jefferson Caskey and Sarah Rebecca Chapman
Gen. 5. John Coffey Caskey and Adaline Tomlinson
Gen. 6. Samuel Caskey and Nancy Agnes Coffey
Gen. 7. John Coffey and Esther Givens
Gen. 8. Hugh Coffey, Sr. and Agnes Montgomery

Also serving in the Rev. War in this line that I have approved supplementals for are Samuel Henderson, NJ; John Caskey, SC; Allen Chapman, VA; and Thomas Powe, SC. I would be happy to help anyone with info on these lines who are applying to DAR or SAR. I am sure that some of Hugh Coffey's brothers also were in the Rev. War in SC.

Anyone wishing to contact Bill about his lineage can contact me for his address. His national SAR number is 139830; Texas state number is 7055.

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