May 2, 2007

Bertha Etta (Cookie) Coffey

Leah Meadows
Bertha Etta (Cookie) Coffey was the daughter of James Lawson and Leah Meadows Coffey. She was born Feb. 24, 1883 in Alanthus Grove, Gentry Co., MO and died in 1937.

Other children born to James and Leah were:

Zenfauts, no other information.

James Emerson (Emer), born Oct. 14, 1872, died Jul. 28, 1959

Charles Elmer, born Jun. 3, 1876, died Apr. 22, 1934

Nettie Elizabeth, born Jan. 25, 1880, died Jul. 26, 1962.

Jesse Edward, born Mar. 18, 1885, died Sep. 30, 1960. Jesse married Martha J. Anderson c1904 and had children: James W., born c1906; Bonnie Viola, born Sep. 17, 1913, died Feb. 15, 1919; and Velma.

Unnamed infant daughter, born Feb. 7, 1887, no other information

Lulu Ethel, born Jun. 25, 1880. Lula married Otis Bateman

"Cookie" married Elza Ackert Walker, born Aug. 21, 1884 in Alanthus Grove, died Nov., 1949 in Buchanan Co., MO. Their children were Melvin James, born Nov. 21, 1904, died Aug. 25, 1932; and Martin Edgar, born c1909, died 1976.

Elza was the son of Martin Perry Walker and Mary Frances Coffey. Mary was the daughter of Lawson H. Coffey and Eliza Ann Campbell. James Lawson was a nephew of Lawson, and Lawson was a son of Joel Benjamin and Exea Saphronia Stapp Coffey. James Lawson was a son of Jesse H. Buchanan Coffey and Lucinda Burpo. Jesse was also a son of Joel Benjamin and Exea Stapp Coffey.

Mary Frances Coffey was married twice more after the death of her Walker spouse. She married second to David B. Boatwright on Sep. 6, 1889, probably in MO. Mr. Boatwright had been previously married to Lutushia Wright on Dec. 25, 1873. There was at least one child born to Mary and Mr. Boatwright: Bertha M. Boatwright, born Jun. 12, 1890 and who married Manly Judd. Mary's third marriage was to John Barton.

This family is being researched by Sandy Warde who provided the lineage and the photograph. Sandy wrote:

"I have been researching my line from Lawson H. and James L. Coffey's line who intermingled into my Walker family. They have been an elusive bunch. I do have Mary Francis Coffey's death certificate. She was the daughter of Lawson and Eliza Campbell Coffey. She had three husbands, Abner Walker, David Boatwright, and ( John) Henry C. Barton. She was buried in Stanberry, Missouri under her Walker married name with our Walker family. I also have Eliza Campbell Coffey's death certificate..."

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