May 28, 2007

DVM George Hamilton Hayes

George Hamilton Hayes, born Jan. 5, 1868 in Watauga Co., NC, married Rosa Ethel (Rosie) Coffey on Aug. 4, 1909 in that county. Rosie was the daughter of Thomas Carlton and Martha Ellen Cook Coffey. She died in Watuga Co. on Jan. 2, 1940. George died there on Aug. 23, 1953.

Before his marriage to Rosie, he was married to Mollie Moody in 1879. Together they had two children: Roby Harvey, born Nov. 25, 1890, and Thomas W., born May 23, 1893. Molly died in Watauga County in 1906.

Six children were born to the union with Rosie:

Texie Verlee, born Sep. 6, 1910
Joseph Ransom, born Sep. 10, 1912, died Feb. 13, 2005
Doris Perry, born Jun. 3, 1915
William Arthur, born Feb. 17, 1918
Glenn Lawrence, born Mar. 18, 1920
Julia Helena, born Jan. 12, 1928

Following Rosie's death in 1940, George married Alice Taylor. There are no known children from this union.

In 1907 George became a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and was the first man to be licensed to practice veterinarian medicine in Watauga Co. where he practiced for 45 years.

Thomas Carlton, born Jan. 1, 1853 in North Carolina, died Dec. 17, 1915, was the son of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. He and Martha Ellen Cook were married Nov. 14, 1875 in Watauga Co. Martha was born Jul. 3, 1858 in North Carolina and died Mar. 25, 1939 in Watauga Co. She was the daughter of Thomas and Mary Elrod Cook.

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