May 19, 2007

Wiley Hill and Ellen Hodges Moore

Wiley Hill Moore was born Apr. 28, 1883 in Watauga Co., NC. He married Ellen Hodges, born c1883 in North Carolina. A marriage date has not been found. The union produced at least seven children, two of which married into a Coffey family.

Their first son and third child Ralph James Moore, was born Apr. 4, 1908 in Watauga Co. Ralph married Lottie Murl Coffey, a daughter of Roby Monroe and Annie Lee Wright Coffey. Roby was the son of George Washington and Matilda Coffey Coffey. Annie was the daughter of Thomas A. Wright and Margaret Ann Coffey.

Lottie was born Feb. 24, 1912 in Caldwell Co., NC and died May 3, 1998 in Culpeper Co., VA. A death date has not been found for Ralph.

Their children were:

Lonnie Desmon, born Jul. 20, 1928
Collis Eugene, born Dec. 12, 1932
Unnamed, born Dec. 29, 1934
Margaret Ruth, born Dec. 25, 1937
Betty Jean, born Jul. 20, 1939
Jay Harold, born Dec. 21, 1941
Theodore Monroe, born Dec. 18, 1944

Amy Moore, the fourth child and third daughter of Wiley and Ellen, was born Apr. 12, 1910 and died Jan. 25, 1987. She married Bruce Glen Coffey, born 1908 in Caldwell Co., and died Sep. 2, 1971 in that county. They were married c1928 in Caldwell Co.

Bruce was the son of Julius Pinkney and Louise A. Edwards Coffey. James was born Apr. 24, 1858 in NC and died Feb. 11, 1933 in Caldwell Co. He and Louise were married Mar. 30, 1913 in Rowan Co., NC. Louise was born c1875 in NC. A death date has not been found.

I know of only two children for Bruce and Amy:

Marland [?], a son, born about Sep., 1929
Unnamed daughter, born Oct. 12, 1941

Update Aug. 16, 2009

Barbara Campbell has updated the information on Bruce Glenn Coffey. She reported that Bruce and his sister Hazel were not the biological children of Julius and Louise. She believes they were either adopted or were just foster children because they did not inherit from Julius when he died. Their mother was Carrie Hathcock of Cabbarus Co., NC. Carrie died in 1919 and no father has ever been found. Bruce and Amy's children were Maynard; Marlene, born Sep. 17, 1933; Mable, Mary and James.

Other children of Wiley and Ellen were:

Floy Belle, born Apr. 26, 1902, died Dec. 6, 1986, never married
Lula Mae, born Oct. 26, 1905
Jessee Glenn, born Dec. 26, 1916
Loan Raymond, born Feb. 12, 1919
Cleny Coe, born Aug. 21, 1921

Julius Pinkney and Roby Monroe were distant cousins. Their nearest common ancestor was John Coffey, a son of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey. John married Jane Graves.

George Washington Coffey and Margaret Ann Coffey were first cousins. George and his wife Matilda were also first cousins, once removed. Matilda was the daughter of Jesse Calton and Nancy Raines Coffey. Jesse and George were also first cousins.


  1. Hi:

    The unnamed child of Lottie Murl and Ralph Moore was Kenneth. He was my dad's (Jay Harold) brother. He died about 10 years ago. Jay Harold's birthday is September 21, 1941- at least he thinks it is! I remember visiting Aunt Floy in her mountain house, way up on a hill somewhere in North Carolina, when we were very young - we picked blackberries the size of golf balls! She showed us the aged photograph of Daniel Boone on her wall. He was young and holding a rifle by his side.

  2. Carole, since publishing the Moore info I have found that the missing child was Gerald Lee, born Dec. 29, 1934. Kenneth James was born in 1930. Your father was indeed born Sep. 21, 1944. Please contact me directly for more info. My e-mail address is at the top of this page.

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Bruce Glen Coffey and Amy Moore Coffey's son Maynard Moore Coffey was born August 09,1929. He married Della Borders Coffey. Maynard and Della Coffey had 7 children.
    Myra Kaye Coffey Chandler
    Patricia Lynn Coffey Sanders
    David Maynard Coffey
    Teresa Ann Coffey Hale
    Tina April Coffey Edwards
    Leslea Lenore Coffey Prestwood
    Mark Steven Coffey

    Bruce Glen Coffey was my grandfather. He was adopted by Julius Pinkney Coffey and Louise Edwards Coffey.
    My email is


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