July 9, 2007

Nathan Coffey (1788 KY - 1834 IL)

Nathan or, perhaps, Nathaniel Coffey was a son of Joel and Martha Stepp [var] Coffey. He was born Jan. 10, 1788 in Kentucky, and married Sarah (Sally) Meredith on Nov. 11, 1806 in Adair Co., KY. Sarah was the daughter of David and Hannah Cook Meredith.

Twelve of their 13 children were born in KY, the last there in Feb., 1829. Their last was born in IL in Jan., 1831. These dates indicate that the family left Adair Co. in about 1830 for IL, and arrived there before Jan., 1831. Nathan died in Pike Co., IL on Sep. 19, 1834. Sarah died there on Dec. 26, 1853.

Their children were:

Martha Bagby, born Jan. 8, 1808, and married Charles M. Benbook in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY on Mar. 18, 1826.

Woodson Rickets, born Oct. 1, 1809.

Elizabeth Graham, born Apr. 27, 1811.

Meredith Washington, born Mar. 3, 1813, married Eliza Hutchinson on Jul. 24, 1836 in Pike Co., IL. They appeared in the 1840 census in Pike Co.

Joel Woodson, born Mar. 5, 1815.

Daniel Franklin, born Apr. 18, 1817, died Sep. 22, 1867. He married Elizabeth Conner, born c1820 in KY, on Aug. 6,1842 in Pike Co., IL. Daniel died Sep. 22, 1867 in Griggsville, Pike Co., IL. Their children were: Sarah E., born c1843; Nathan F., born c1845; J. Hardin, born c1847; Tabitha (Delitha?) M., born c1849; Daniel Franklin, Jr., born c1851, married Nancy M. [LNU] c1876 in IL. their children were Russell J., born c1877 and Burton B., born Feb. 1880. Burton B., born c1853; Thomas M., born Apr. 2, 1855, married Lillian May Hathaway on Jul, 5, 1883 in Pike Co., IL; Lillian was born c1862 in Griggsville, Pike Co.; Mary J., born c1857; Grace L., born c1861, died May 19, 1914 in Kaw, Jackson Co., MO. The family appears in the 1850 and 1860 in Griggsville, Pike Co. census.

Hannah Jane, born Mar. 19, 1819, married William Wells Apr. 12, 1835 in Pike Co. William was born c1815 in KY and apparently died before 1860. He was not present for the census that year. However, two of the children born to Hannah Jane were born after 1860, making it possible that William was away at war, returned before 1863 and died before the 1870 census. Their children were Haster M., born c1837; William, born c1843; John, born c1845; Hardin, born c1849; Jane, born c1851; Frances, born c1854; George, born c1863, and Nelly, born c1865. William is with the family in the 1850 Griggsville, Pike Co. census, but was absent in 1860 and 1870.

Kizia Catherine, born Jan. 9, 1821, married Archibald Campbell Mar. 9, 1840 in Pike Co. Archibald was born c1817 in KY. Their known children were as son, J. W., born c1843 and E. E., a daughter, born c1846. She and Archibald were in the 1850 Pike Co. census.

Thomas Chelton, born Dec. 18, 1822, married Rebecca J. Daigh, Jun. 11, 1848 in Pike Co. Rebecca was the daughter of James and Elizabeth Daigh. Thomas later married Helen L. Brower. They were in the 1850 Pike Co. census in the household with Rebecca's parents.

Eliza Emeline, born Mar. 10, 1825 in Simpson Co., KY, died Dec. 9, 1901 in Pike Co., IL. She married John Porter Nov. 28, 1850 in Pike Co. He died May 27, 1895 in Pike Co., and Eliza died there on Dec. 9, 1901. Their known children were: Emma, born Jan. 8, 1852; Sarah, born Oct. 6, 1856; Jane, born c1858; and John D., born Sep. 23, 1860. They appeared in the 1860 through 1880 Newburg Twp., Pike Co., IL census.

James Cleveland, born May 31, 1827.

Sarah Ann, born Feb. 4, 1829, married Charles Tomlinson Nov. 14, 1863 in Pike Co. Charles was born c1831 in New Jersey. They appeared in the 1870 Macon Co., MO census and in 1880 in Warrensburg, Johnson Co., MO. They had no known children.

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