July 18, 2007

William Franklin Coffey

The subject of this rather blurry photograph is William Franklin Coffey. It was enlarged from a smaller print and I was unable to remove sufficient shadow to reveal more than the lower half of his face.

William was born Mar. 14, 1882 (probably in TN) to John Cleveland (Boney John) and Margaret Jane Wolfe. He died Aug. 28, 1950 in Grainger Co. William married Nancy Leoda White, born to Thomas Jefferson and Susan Isabell Dalton White on Mar. 20, 1893, on Sep. 6, 1912 in Grainger Co. Nancy died in Grainger Co. on Jan. 12, 1977

"Boney John" was a son of William Wesley and Gelina E. Shouse Coffey. John was born Nov. 4, 1859 in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co., and died there on Jun. 2, 1936. Margaret Jane was born Jul. 29, 1863 in Hancock Co. to William and Maleta Hipsher Wolfe. She died Sep. 8, 1935 in Thorn Hill. They were married on Jan. 7, 1880, probably in Grainger Co.

William was the eldest of 12 children born to "Boney John" and Margaret. Children born to him and Nancy were:

Velva, born c1914, married Cornelius E. Dalton on Sep. 4, 1930. Cornelius was born Dec. 3, 1893 in Grainger Co., and died there on Mar. 22, 1964. Dates for Velva are unknown. They were parents of 10 children: Edna, Bernice, Kermit, Ray Von, Coy L., Mary Ruth, Jeanette, Gary Wayne, Elora, and Leoda. Leoda, born Jan. 7, 1953, married John Wayne Shortridge.

John Thomas, born Mar. 19, 1915 in (probably) Grainger Co., died Aug. 29, 1990. He married 1) Ethel Raines, 2) Mageline Gamble.

Ida Belle, born 1917 in (probably) Grainger Co., and died Sep. 23, 1995. She married Chester Atkins and was the mother of 11 children: Evelyn Jean, Joyce Ann, Buddy, Billy, Hugh Gardner, John Henry, William Frank, Joe Steve, Virginia Sue, Sarah Ruth, and Carylon.
Charles Jeff (Charlie), born c1919 in Tennessee, married Lena Artimus King on Nov. 28, 1938 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN. They were parents of six: Betty Louise, Janie Lynn, Charles Douglas, Judy Saundra, Arnold Joe, and Karl Dennis.

Linda M., born Nov. 12, 1921, died Oct. 9, 1927.

Jessie Willard (Jess), born c1925, died Apr. 4, 1993. Jess married Margie Harville.

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Thanks to Jean England of Talbot, TN for much of this family information.

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