July 27, 2007

William Lemmie and Caroline Hopson Coffey

William was a son of John Jackson "Stumpy" Coffey, Jr. and wife Darcus Elizabeth Parris. He was born Mar. 22, 1872 in Grainger Co., TN and died Dec. 21, 1932 in Washburn, Grainger Co. He married Caroline Hopson, a daughter of Jesse and Julia Ritter Hopson in Oct., 1892 in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co. Caroline was born May 1, 1875 in Thorn Hill and died Aug. 28, 1956 in Pontiac, Oakland Co., MI.
There were at least six children born to this marriage:

William Tarrance, born Jul. 26, 1893 in Washburn, and died Jul 16, 1946, place unknown. He married Susan Maude Melissa Rucker, born Oct. 9, 1897 in Idol, Grainger Co. to Claiborn and Mary Majors Rucker, on Sep. 7, 1919 in Washburn. Their children, all born in Grainger Co., were: Lillian, born c1921; Alta, born c1923, married Conley Hubert Coffman; Kathleen, born Dec., 1925, married Landon Crow Rucker; Wancida, born Jan., 1928; and Delta Lucille, born c1932, married James Leonard Dalton on Jun. 6, 1950 in Grainger Co. James was a son of Joseph Thomas and Martha Hayes Dalton.

Maude Delia, born Jul. 31, 1895 in Washburn. She married Henry A. Presnell on Oct. 16, 1920 in Monroe Co., MI. Their children were Hilda, born c1922 in MI; Alma, born c1924 in KY; Ellen, born c1925 in TN; Dewey S., born c1927 in TN; and Leona, born c1928 in MI. Although both claimed to still be married, the 1930 Grainger Co. census shows Maude and her children residing in the household with her parents, and Henry residing alone elsewhere in the county. Maude could have been visiting her parents.

Parlin John, born Jun. 10, 1898 in Idol, married Maude Wolfenbarger on Jun. 20, 1918 in Washburn. Maude was born c1900 in Idol and died in Dec., 1946 in Michigan. I know of two children: Ethel, born c1922 and Norma.

Amanda Elizabeth, born Sep. 22, 1902 in Idol, married William Frank Breeding on Jun. 29, 1919 in Washburn. William was born May 10, 1897 in Thorn Hill and died Jan. 10, 1976, place unknown. Their children, all born in Michigan, were William Harvey, born Apr. 15, 1921; Wiley Grover, born Nov. 2, 1922; Buford Frank, born May 27, 1927; Clifford Jesse, born Mar. 20, 1933; and Delbert Nelson, born May 15, 1935.

James Nelson, born May 6, 1906 in Idol, died Feb. 6, 1988 in Bean Station, Grainger Co. He married Joycie Clara Dalton, a daughter of William Jasper "Jape" and Cynthia Ann Jordan Dalton. She was born Dec. 21, 1907 in Washburn, and died Jul. 11, 1993 in Bean Station. The marriage was recorded on Feb. 14, 1926 in Washburn. Their children were: Vernon Clare, a dau., born Aug. 21, 1926 in TN; Leland Clarence, born Oct. 6, 1927 in TN and died Nov. 24, 1999 in Hamblen Co., TN; Lela Elizabeth, born Sep. 25, 1929 in Oakland Co., MI; Lemmie Elmer, born Dec. 14, 1931, married Ida Jo. Waddell; Gladys Imogene, born Jan. 6, 1934, died Apr. 6, 1984 in Jefferson Co., TN; Reva Marie, born May 28, 1936, died May 23, 2000; Raymond William, born Aug. 24, 1940.

The last child, known to me, was Julia Isabell, born Jan. 28, 1912 in Washburn. She married Carter Emmitt Smith on Jun. 14, 1920 in Luttrell, Grainger Co. Carter was born Sep. 14, 1911 in Claiborn Co. Their children were: Donald, born Jun. 28, 1931 in MI, and died Feb. 12, 1951 in Korea; Dorothy, born Jun. 28, 1931; Hazel Ruth, born Oct. 11, 1933; and Paris Leland, born May 25, 1940.

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