July 26, 2007

William Obediah & Nancy Coffey Gragg

Nancy Coffey was born c1816 in Burke Co., NC, a daughter of Joseph and Isabella Lindsay [var.] Coffey. She died in Caldwell Co., NC in 1887.

William Obediah Gragg was born Apr. 15, 1758 in Virginia and died Oct. 20, 1847 in NC. He and Nancy were married Jul. 4, 1837 in Caldwell Co. Nancy was William's third wife. He had previously been married to Elizabeth Pulliam and Nancy Dunkle.

At least two children were born to William and Nancy [Coffey]:
Edmund Paza and Mahulda Gragg
Edmund Paza & Mahulda Gragg Gragg
Indiana Isabelle, born May 16, 1838, died 1909. She married Edmond Gragg on Mar. 10, 1855 in Caldwell Co. He was the son of David Obediah and Elizabeth Webb Gragg as well as a nephew of his new wife.

William Taylor, born May 27, 1846 in either Caldwell or Burke Co., NC and died Nov. 4, 1925 in Avery Co. He married Elizabeth Pendley [var.], Feb. 20, 1875 in Caldwell Co.
Another son was born to Nancy Coffey, Edmund Paza Gragg in May 1849, a couple of years after William's death in 1847. His biological father is not known, but some have speculated that he was a Philyaw.

Edmond Paza was married c1870 to Mahulda Vasty [sic] [Gragg?]. Shortly thereafter he and Mahulda moved to Rabun Co., GA where their children were born:
Margaret E., born Feb., 1872
John N., born Jun., 1874
Daniel L., born Jul., 1877
Elijah P., born Feb., 1879
Albert J., born Apr., 1882
Milus M., born c1884
Burgess G., born c1888
Doctor Clinton, born c1891

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