August 29, 2007

Maudie Coffey Jackson

This photo depicts, from left to right, Maudie, America Florence, and Martha Coffey. Maudie and Martha were sisters; America was a sister to L. Henderson. She married Litton Keith, born Dec. 5, 1890 in KY and died there on Oct. 12, 1920. Florence was born Mar. 11, 1890 in Wayne Co., KY and died Nov. 29, 1993 in that state.

This photo is of Maudie and, apparently taken before her marriage (she is not wearing a wedding ring) to Charles Jackson.

This too may be a pre-wedding photograph. Perhaps it is an engagement photograph.

Maudie and Charles, perhaps also pre-marriage. I cannot discern a wedding ring on either person. Charles Jackson was born Feb. 28, 1906 in Owsley Co., KY and died Mar. 29, 1983 in Hamilton Co., OH. Both he and Maudie are buried at the Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike, Hamilton Co.

And finally, Maudie in recent years. She died in 1994 at Fairfield, OH and is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Princeton Pike, Hamilton Co., OH.

I previously mis-identified this photo as Maudie Coffey Jackson. It is actually Alice Sims Clark, wife of L. Henderson Coffey and, Maudie's mother. She was born Dec. 5, 1887 in Kentucky and died Oct. 26, 1979 in that state.

Alice was the daughter of Henry and Rebecca Morrow Clark who were also parents of Sallie Belle Clark, born May 3, 1884, died Nov. 20, 1966. Sallie was the wife of Benjamin Franklin Coffey, Jr., a brother to L. Henderson Coffey.

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