September 20, 2007

I've been busy!

I'm sorry for not having posted a new blog in a couple of weeks. Last week my wife and I were in south Louisiana having the motorhome serviced and visiting grandkids. While down south the surprise hurricane Humberto came ashore along the TX/LA line, turned NE and came over our home on Lake Bruin on the LA/MS state line. We received only 3" of rain but wind force was apparently high.

We didn't suffer any damage to the house, but we have lots of trees on the nearly one acre we call home. Many of those trees are fully mature pecan trees. Limbs had become brittle from the lack of rain and were ready to snap with the slightest wind. Many were loaded with yet unripened pecans and the wind played havoc with them. One large limb from an Oak tree adjacent to the house fell on the rear deck. Fortunately, it was not long enough for the heavy part to hit the house, but the tip of the limb did come to rest on the roof.

Our area is extremely rural and as such does not have trash service. While household trash is collected, some stuff that we need to get rid of has to be hauled to a landfill. We find it easier to just cut limbs into pieces that we can easily carry to the burn site on the rear of the property. So, for the past two days we have cut, stacked and burned a lot of oak and pecan wood. There were also a couple of pines on the place that looked pretty bad so I cut and burned them as well.

As a result of all that, my normal four to five hours a day spent researching, replying to e-mail, etc. came to a near complete halt. I did manage to answer a few e-mails and, prepare a couple of Edward Coffey CDs that had been ordered but, everything else I love about Genealogy research suffered.

So, all of this is probably more information than readers really needed but, it does serve as an excuse for not having recently blogged.

We still have some outside work to do, but is mostly grass cutting. Hopefully, I'll be back to regular blogging in the next few days.

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