September 8, 2007

Personal Comments

Coffey Cousins' at Rootsweb is gone!

All links in blogs created before about May 2007 that refer to the Coffey Cousins' website became invalid when I moved the website from Rootsweb to its own domain. Clicking here will take you to the "new" Coffey Cousins' website. From there, readers can search the site for items of interest.

There is also a link to the new website at the bottom of each blog.

I update the Edward Coffey web pages two to three times a year. If corrections or additions are reported I immediately make the changes in my files but not on the website. In some rare instances I have made individual corrections to the website when someone requests that personal information be removed, or in cases of gross errors.

Grammar, spelling, etc:

Like most people who do "things," I make mistakes. Spelling errors, misplaced commas, and poor grammar seem to be the "major" difficulties I have in putting together a readable blog. The notes that I receive from English tutors are appreciated, but it's unlikely that after nearly 50 years since my last English class and of "writing like I talk," anyone will be able to change me. Nearly all of my previous writings had the benefit of an editor so placement of commas, etc. wasn't a big concern to me.

Often a few readers will inform me that I have misspelled someones given name. One of the most popular reports is Saphronia. I think we all know that the name can be found spelled different ways in various records for the same person, Sophronia and Fronia being two of the most popular. If readers have a document; e.g., birth or death certificate I certainly want to spell the name as found in that document, and appreciate the notice. However, I'm not likely to change anything without a strong source from a few "nit pickers."

On the other hand, I do appreciate the reports of factual errors. I try to be extremely careful in the accurate recording of the birth, death, and marriage data for each family. Occasionally, or perhaps more often, I mis-type or have inaccurate information. Please continue to correct me when more accurate information is available.

A note about sources:

I generally have sources for most of the information I use here. However, there are some data for which I have no source other than "traditional." I always invite readers with sources that contradicts any of my information to contact me. I sometime include sources in the blog, but mostly do not. I will, when available, share sources with anyone. My goal of course is to share the most accurate information that I can and, to avoid establishing something permanent on the web that will create consternation and confusion to future researchers.

Corrections to the blog are easily made, so feel free to let me know when more accurate is available.


I often struggle to find ideas for a blog subject. Readers are invited to send requests. If I have information on that particular family I will post it here.

Be Nice!

Everyone is fervent in their research, and believes that the information they have is the most accurate available. I believe that all of us know that even Bible records can be incorrect. Public records such as birth and death certificates can be incorrect as well. Please be nice when writing to discuss whether or not a date or other information that I have is accurate. I respond better to nice rather than confrontational e-mail.

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