October 11, 2007

Alfred and Martha Ann Bradley Coffey

Martha Ann Bradley, born Jun., 1847, was the third of at least 12 children born to William Franklin and Elizabeth Wood Bradley. when her mother died, her father married Mary (Polly) Phillips and fathered another nine children before he died in 1913.

Large families were then the norm for Martha Ann. She married Alfred Coffey on Feb. 12, 1863 in Augusta Co., VA. Before Alfred (born May, 1844, a son of Garland** and Nancy Coffey Coffey) died in 1918 she had given birth to 14 children. By 1910 however, only nine of those were still living. She died in Rockbridge Co., VA on Apr. 10, 1923.

The lack of an 1890 census prevents me from identifying all 16 of the children. The 14 that I do have are as follows:

Amanda J., born c1864, married J. N. Maston on Apr. 26, 1882 in Nelson Co., VA.

Sarah Elizabeth (Sally), born Jan. 22, 1865 in Nelson Co., married 1) William F. Allen, born c1863, on Aug. 28, 1884 in Nelson Co. I have no children for them. She married 2) Jacob Higgonbotham Benson on Nov. 24, 1897 in Rockbridge Co., VA. Jacob was born Apr. 15, 1878 in Rockbridge Co. to Preston C. and Sarah Ann (Sallie) Lucas Benson. he died on Jan. 25, 1949 in Rockbridge Co. Their children were: William, born Dec., 1888; Cornelia, born Dec. 1898 and Jacob Stuart, no info. Sarah died Dec. 19, 1906 in Rockbridge Co.

Eliza Ann, born c1868 in Nelson Co., married Charles M. Jarvis on Nov. 14, 1889 in Rockbridge Co. Their children were: F. M., a daughter, born Mar., 1891; Howard W., born Feb., 1893; Lula M., born Apr. 1895, and Leonard R., born Dec. 1899.

Henry Moses seemed to have had supreme bad luck with wives. He was married at least four times. His first wife was Julie C. Hymen to whom he was married on Nov. 14, 1889. I have found no children for this union. His second wife was Eva Ramsey who he married on Oct. 26, 1898. They had at least two children: Katie L., born May 1900 and, David H., born c1903. His third wife was Alice Ward who he married on Jan. 9, 1904. Their children were Etta R., born c1908 and, Martha C., born c1912. His fourth and final wife was Mary L. (Mollie) (LNU), who he married c1915. This union produced at least seven children: Maxie D., born around Feb. 1916; Georgie L., a daughter, born around Feb., 1919; Robert, born c1921; Hasford [?], born c1922; Voit [?], born c1923; Elizabeth, born c1925; and Henry Moses, Jr., born around May 1927.

Mary Frances (Molly), was born Apr. 6, 1872 in Nelson Co. She married Henry Jackson Benson on Mar. 23, 1893 in Rockbridge Co. He was born Jan. 1, 1869 in Rockbridge Co. to Preston C. and Sarah Ann (Sallie) Lucas Benson. Henry died Apr. 23, 1948 in Rockbridge Co. Mary Frances died in Virginia in 1949. Their children were: Mary J., born Jan., 1895; John H., born Aug., 1896; James A., born Oct., 1897; Nellie B., born Sep., 1899; Ollie C., a daughter, born c1905; William J., born c1908; and Lizzie, born c1914.

Rose Ann, born c1873. No info.

Salathiel Alford (Lath), born c1876. He is thought to have first married Eva Phylena Conner, born Mar. 15, 1881 in Hopkins Co., TX. I have no children for them. His second wife was Ollie Bell Allen, born c1884 in Virginia. Their children were Charlie D., born c1905; Louella (or Lavella) D. (Dolly), born c1909; Jennings Salathiel, born Oct. 5, 1915 and Jerimy [sic], born c1916.

Martha Beveridge, born c1879 in Nelson Co., married Robert Lee Benson, brother to Henry Jackson who married Mary Frances, on Oct. 4, 1893 in Rockbridge Co. No further info.

Jacob Morris, born Mar. 23, 1880 in Nelson Co., died May 23, 1922 in Rockbridge Co. He married Mary Jane Lotts on Mar. 26, 1902. She was born Aug. 26, 1882 and died May 26, 1929. They had at least 10 children: Samuel David, born c1903; Ella Cornelia, born c1905; Florence Dell, born c1906; James Alfred, born c1908; Saylor Marshall, born c1910; Lottie Mae, born c1912; Roy Martin, born c1915; Salathial Coolie, born c1916; John Henry, born c1920; and Mary Sturat, born c1922.

Lacy, a son, born Sep. 1884. The only place that I have found him was in the 1900 census residing in the household with his brother Henry.

Joseph R., born May 20, 1885. No further info.

Saylor Marshall, born Jul. 11, 1886, died Dec. 3, 1987. He married Celestial Coffey, the daughter of John Coffey and Annie Mariah Ogden. John ws the son of Schylar and Elizabeth (Betsy) Hamilton Coffey. Schylar is thought to be the son of Jordon and Elizabeth (Betsy) Rippetoe Coffey, founders of "Coffeytown" in Amherst Co., VA. Celestial was born c1887 in Virginia and died Aug. 9, 1961 in Roanoke Co., VA. Their children were: Emory, born Jul. 19, 1907; Wilford, born Nov. 8, 1909; Moda [?], a son, born Apr. 18, 1912; Novell Millard, born Nov. 26, 1914; William Stanley, born Mar. 24, 1917; Nettie Mildred, born May 19, 1920; Louis Alixe [?], born May 21, 1923; and Saylor Marshall, Jr., born Jul. 1, 1925, died May 4, 1992.

Rutherford Grover, born c1887 in Rockbridge Co., married Delilah Shover on May 14, 1913 in Rockbridge Co. No further info.

Ida Belle, born Apr. 1890, died Jan., 1980. She married William Hillman (or, Hileman) Blackwell. They had at least one child, a daughter, Florence Alberta born Apr. 15, 1912, died aug. 14, 1998. Ida was also married to Morris Rowe, but the other of marriage is unknown and I know of no children born to that union.

More information is available for those who need it. Write to me at the following e-mail address to add or correct any information.

**Garland Coffey was a son of William and Elizabeth (Betsy) Giles Coffey. Nancy was his double first cousin, a daughter of Reuben G. and Nancy Giles Coffey. Betsy and Nancy were sisters and, Reuben and William were brothers.

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