October 24, 2007

Personal Comments!

Most visitors to this blog read and take whatever info they receive without question.

At least, without questioning me!

This is not good!

Your input is needed in order for the genealogies that I write about to be as accurate as possible.

Sometimes I do receive input from readers. But for the most part, they write anonymously.


Dear Anonymous:

Corrections to my files are never made on information received anonymously, especially when accuracy is in question!

Hopefully, most readers realize that the information I post is not ever 100% accurate. For that reason, my e-mail address is included with each blog, along with an invitation to the reader to contact me with additions and/or corrections.

I require "registration" before anyone can post a comment. This is not to restrict anyone from leaving a legitimate response, but is an effort to keep the scummy spammers from posting comments.

So, do not just tell me I'm wrong! Let's discuss it!

If you are really interested in what is posted in this blog, don't "hit and run."

Start an info exchange with me. After all, it seems that we are both interested in obtaining the most accurate information available.

If you steadfastly believe your research is 100% accurate, don't write! There won't be an opportunity for us to have a congenial discussion.

And finally: If you cannot be nice, don't write. I respond better to nice e-mail than I do to ones of an accusatory style.

I can be reached at the following e-mail address:

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