October 26, 2007

Sabra Coffey

Sabra Coffey was the daughter of James Knox P. and Nannie Tilford Coffey, born on Jan. 28, 1903 in Yosemite*, Casey Co., KY. Sabra never married and died by suicide - drank rat poison - on 23 Sep., 1948.**

James Knox Coffey was a son of Nathan A. and Mary Nancy Leverage Coffey. James was born Jul. 4, 1847 in Casey Co., and died there on Jan. 4, 1923. Nannie was the daughter of William and Delilah Spears Tilford and was born Feb. 5, 1870 in Casey Co. She died there on Mar. 26, 1949. James and Nannie are buried in the Middleburg Cemetery in Casey Co.

According to her obituary, which appeared in the Casey County News of Sep., 1948, Sabra was a graduate of Georgetown College and was a teacher by profession.


Miss Sabra Coffey died in the Danville hospital about 6:30 am on Thursday September 23,1948. She was born in Yosemite, the daughter of J.K. Coffey and Nannie Tilford Coffey. Her grade and high school work was done in Middleburg where she spent most of her life. After graduating from Georgetown College, she chose teaching as a profession and gave 21 years to this work. She taught two years in Monticello, one year in Bainbridge Georgia, fourteen years in Muhlenburg county and four years in Middleburg. Surviving relatives are her aged mother, Mrs. J.K. Coffey of Middleburg,two sisters, Mrs. Wyatt Combest of Shelby City, and Mrs. Philip Jasper of Danville. One half sister, Mrs. Nora Toms of Indianapolis, one half brother, Reid Coffey of Phil, two nephews and one niece.
Sabra was buried on Sep. 27, 1848 in the Middleburg Cemetery.

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*Location given in obituary. Delayed death certificate named Middleburg in Casey Co. as her birthplace.
**Date given in obituary. Death certificate gives death date as Sep. 25, 1948.

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