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Booker and Hannah Ann Dalton Shockley

Booker was born c1795 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. He married Hannah Ann Dalton, a daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Shockley Dalton, on Dec. 22, 1819 in Grainger Co., TN. There is likely a relationship between Booker and Elizabeth but I have not yet found it.

Hannah was born c1802 in Grainger Co. and died there in 1880. Booker died prior to the 1870 census, and probably in Grainger Co.

I have found six children for them, most of which married Coffeys.

First born was Rebecca, born Oct., 1820 and died Aug. 11, 1890. She married Elijah Coffey, a son of George and Margaret L. Rucker Coffey, on Jan. 11, 1840 in Grainger Co. Elijah was born Feb. 23, 1819, probably in Grainger Co., and died there on Jul. 13, 1890. Rebecca and Elijah were parents of at least 10 children:

Austin, born c1840, died before 1880; married Elvira Wolfe Jan. 8, 1856 in Grainger Co. Elvira was the daughter of William and Maleta (Lette) Hipsher. I have one child for them: Martha Emeline, born c1856.

Millie, born c1841

Mira, born c1843

George, born Feb. 24, 1847 in TN, died in Grainger Co., c1946. George married Martha M. Johnson, born Apr. 27, 1846, died Jun. 4, 1922 in Grainger Co. Their children were James H., born Dec. 22, 1871, died Nov. 7, 1907; Samuel B., born Feb. 25, 1873, died Jun. 28, 1961; John Henry, born Aug. 2, 1874, died Oct. 10, 1920; Hattie M., born c1878, died Aug. 31, 1945; Pleasant (Ples), born Aug. 2, 1879; Elijah, born abt Dec. 1884; and Cordelia (Cordie), born Feb. 1887.

Ambrose, born c1851 in TN, married Louisa Blake, born c1854 in TN. The children that I have for them are: Mary, born c1870; Martha Matilda, born c1873; and Simeon, born Dec., 1879.

Update: Mar 1, 2013:  Ambrose was born in Nov., 1846 in Grainger Co., TN and died in Morristown, Hamblen Co., TN on Dec. 18, 1915.  He and Louisa Blake, born Oct., 1850 in TN, were married on Sep. 12, 1869 in Grainger Co.[1].  I haven't found a death date/place for Louisa.  Ambrose is buried at Liberty Hill Methodist Church Cemetery at Morristown, Hamblen Co.

Their children numbered at least eight:  Mary, born c1870; Matilda, born 1872, died 1930, married William Henry Coffey, son of Collins and Nancy "Hulda" Wolfe on Sep. 14, 1895 in Hamblen Co.  Their closest blood relationship was 3rd cousin.  Third child was Henry, 1878; Simeon, 1879; Arthur, 1884; Columbus, 1886; John Littleton, 1896, died 1964 in Buncombe Co., NC.  He married Dora Meadows on Feb. 23, 1919 in Hamblen Co.  I have no birth/death info for Dora.  The last child was Frank, born 1896.

Samuel (Sam), born Jun., 1855 in TN, died Aug. 20, 1910 in Hamblen Co., TN. Married Martha Wolfe, a daughter of Henry and Elvira Coffey Wolfe, on Dec. 25, 1876 in Grainger Co. I have found only two children: Henry (Pat), born Oct. 18, 1878, died Dec. 3, 1964; and Elijah, born Apr. 1881. Sam later married Mary Hipshire, born Mar. 2, 1869 in TN, died Dec. 29, 1921 in Hamblen Co. I have found nine children for them: Evey, born Aug., 1890; James Archie, born Oct. 22, 1892; Ralph, born Aug. 28, 1895; Daniel (Dan), born c1898; Angie, born c1899; Arkie, born c1901; Lucy, born c1904; Rosie, born c1906; and Myrtle, born c1908.

Martha E., born c1857

Lacy, born Mar. 30, 1861, married first to Elizabeth LNU; married second to Margaret Ogan who died in 1942.

Elijah Jr., born Jan. 4, 1864 in Grainger Co. and, died there on May 14, 1923. He married Rosa Shockley, a daughter of Enos (or, Enoch) Shockley and Mahalia Coffey. Rosa was born Nov. 29, 1864 in Grainger Co. and, died in Thorn Hill, Grainger Co., on jan. 26, 1952. Their children were Lillie M., born Dec. 25, 1885, died Oct. 23, 1923; Etta, born c1890, died Jul. 31, 1969; Lula, born Feb. 4, 1892, died May 4, 1951; James Oscar, born Mar. 20, 1894, died May 31, 1949; and Walter Preston, born Feb. 17, 1908, died Sep. 14, 1984.

Martin, born c1866

Second born was Enos (Enoch?), born Jan. 1, 1822 in Grainger Co. and, died there on Jul. 4, 1901. He married Mahalia Coffey on Jan. 21, 1846 in Grainger Co. She was born Oct. 20, 1827 in Grainger Co., and died there on Jul. 10, 1900. She was the daughter of George and Margaret L. Rucker Coffey.

I have 11 children for them:

Perry Wilson, born Jan. 13, 1847, died Nov. 5, 1923, married Harriet A. LNU.

Alice (Ally), born Oct. 24, 1848 in Grainger Co. and, died there on Aug. 12, 1909. She married Perry Harville. I have one child for them: Lemuel Harville.

Martha Louise, born c1851

William Gilbert, born Dec. 2, 1852 in Grainger Co., and died Mar. 13, 1901. He married Sarah P. Dalton on Jul. 24, 1872 in Grainger Co. I have found three children: Minnie, born c1875; Loretta, born Nov. 11, 1877, died Aug. 13, 1906; and Hattie, born Apr. 1880.

John, born May 22, 1855, died Jul. 28, 1875

Malinda (Matilda?), born Apr. 6, 1856, died Mar. 12, 1922

Harriet, born Sep, 13, 1859, died Jul. 9, 1940

Cornelia, born May 15, 1863, died Oct. 8, 1887

Rosa, born Nov. 29, 1864, died Jan. 26, 1952, married Elijah Coffey, Jr.

Hannah Elizabeth, born c1868

Lucinda, born Dec. 13, 1869, died Dec. 18, 1887

Third born was Ephraim who married Lucretia Hipsher

Fourth born was Thomas who married Perlina Wolfe

Fifth born was Winright who married Martha Emaline (Emily) Coffey on Feb. 20, 1851 in Grainger Co. Winright was born c1827 in TN; Martha c1831.

Their children were:

Martha Jane, born Dec. 2, 1852, died Aug. 30, 1930. She married Thomas Coffey, born Dec. 7, 1852 in Grainger Co. and, died there on Jan. 3, 1925. He was a son of William Ira Coffey and Sarah Jane Hipshire.

George Winright, born Dec. 2, 1852 (apparently a twin to Martha), died Mar. 13, 1901. He married Harriet Harville, a daughter of R. W. and Mary Harville.

Wyatt, born c1855

Mahala, born c1858

William Berry, born Aug. 2, 1862, died Jan. 15, 1910. He married Eliza Jane Coffey on Jun. 5, 1885 in Grainger Co. Eliza was the daughter of Thomas Nelson and Cornelia Coffey Coffey. Eliza was born Sep. 8, 1868 and died Dec. 6, 1927 in Mooresburg, Hawkins Co., TN.

Rutha, born c1865

Jincey, born May, 1864. She married Rev. Berry Wisdom Lafette (Lafayette?) Coffey, a son of William Wesley and Gelina E. Shouse Coffey. Berry Wisdom was born Oct. 15, 1857 in Grainger Co., and died in TN on Jan. 1, 1936.

Elizabeth (Betsy), born c1869 in TN, died May 11, 1911 in Grainger Co. She married Pleasant Dalton c1888 in TN. He was the son of Hiram and Catherine Howerton Dalton. Pleasant later married Viola Coffey, a daughter of Thomas and Martha Jane Shockley Coffey.

The last child that I have for Booker and Hannah is William, born Mar. 12, 1833 in TN and, died in Grainger Co. on Oct. 22, 1871. He married Louisa Jane Coffey on Mar. 21, 1851 in Grainger Co. She was born Jul. 27, 1833 and died Jun. 1, 1910 in Grainger Co. Louisa Jane was also married to Berry Dalton.

These families tended to marry back and forth into each of the same families. Care must be taken when compiling them. This is especially true since many were given the same names. I believe the above to be mostly accurate and, would appreciate comments adding to or correcting any of it. I also have additional descendant as well as ancestral information for most of these families.

I can be reached at the e-mail address on the right.

[1] index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 01 Mar 2013), Ambrose Coffee and Louis Blake, 12 Sep 1869.

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