December 3, 2007

Coffey Cemeteries in Watauga Co., NC

As might be imagined, it is quite difficult for someone in Louisiana to determine official vs local names of the various Coffey cemeteries in Watauga Co.

Burial information is available on various websites listing individuals buried in "Coffey Family Cemetery" but, I am unsure if they are all in the same cemetery.

Please contact me if you can provide "official" names and locations and/or, accurate GPS coordinates for any of the Watauga Co. cemeteries where the following are buried:

Thomas Carlton and Martha Ellen Cook Coffey Family:
Thomas Carlton Coffey, born Jan. 1, 1853, died Dec. 17, 1915
Martha Ellen Cook Coffey, born Jul. 3, 1858, died Mar. 25, 1939
Emma L. Coffey, born Jan. 21, 1880, died Jul. 10, 1885
Franklin M. Coffey, born Jan. 6, 1890, died 10 Feb. 1890
James Burton Coffey, born Feb. 11, 1878, died Nov. 2, 1900
Thomas Carlton Coffey, Jr., born May 1, 1895, died May 1, 1895

Children of Marion Oliver and Lydia Ruth Edmisten Coffey:
John Robert Coffey, born Aug. 12, 1922, died Oct. 11, 1923
Marion Audra Coffey, born Oct. 6, 1924, died Jan. 8, 1925
Sadie Ruth Coffey, born Mar. 4, 1926, died Feb. 15, 1927
William Ray Coffey, born May 27, 1920, died Nov. 10, 1996

Millard Winfield Day Family:
Nancy Isabelle Coffey, wife of Millard Winfield Day, born Oct. 3, 1876, died Dec. 12, 1834
Anna Selma Day, daughter of Millard, born Jan. 17, 1906, died Jun. 8, 1908

George Hamilton Hayes Family:
Rosa Ethel (Rosie) Coffey, wife of George Hamilton Hayes, born Jan. 15, 1883, died Jan. 2, 1940
Joseph Ransom Hayes, son of George and Rosa, born Sep. 10, 1912, died Feb. 13, 2005

Smith W. Coffey Family:
Smith W. Coffey, born May 1832, died Jan. 11, 1916 in Carter Co., TN, buried in Coffey Cemetery at Shull Mills, NC. Son of Squire and Ella (Alley?) Webb Coffey.
Elizabeth Redmond [sic], wife of Smith, born Jun. 25, 1836, died May 20, 1912

Henry Boone Coffey Family:
Virginia Frances (Jennie) Brown, born Sep. 25, 1878, died Jul. 1, 1962, buried at Shulls Mill.

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