January 5, 2008

Recent Updates at Coffey Cousins'

I recently updated the Edward Coffey Project. Those files can be viewed here.

Reams Goodloe also forwarded his most recent index to the Coffey Cousins' newsletter. It is complete through issue 107 and can be seen here.

The index is a VERY large file and will take a couple of minutes to download; longer over a dial-up connection.

If you find something of interest in the index, you can order back issues of the newsletter from editor Bonnie Culley at bculey@embarqmail.com. At the end of each line in the index are two numbers. The first represents the volume number, the second is the page number. You will need these numbers to order the copies.

If you just want to browse the new Coffey Cousins' website, click on the link at the bottom of this page.

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