February 2, 2008

The Henry Stoneman Family

Susan Stoneman entered the Coffey family when she became the second wife of Adolphus Coffey on Mar. 12, 1874 in Owen Co., IN. See the Homer Ernest Coffey, and the Anna Lois Coffey Mossman blogs for more information about this Coffey family.

Susan's parents were Henry and Fanny Stoneman. The family arrived in New York from Bidford, England on May 31, 1836 aboard the ship Lord Ramsey. Included on the passenger list were three of their children, George S., born c1832; Henry B., born c1834; and Charles G., born c1836. Their other children, all born in New York were John R., born c1838; Richard J., born c1841; and Susan, born c1844.

Update Jun. 14, 2013:  Fanny is probably Fanny Strong who married Henry Stoneman on Dec. 23, 1930 in Bedminster, Somerset, England.

There was another Stoneman family on board the Lord Ramsey, but I have not established a family connection. That family consisted of John Stoneman, age 45, his wife Ann, age 40. Children were Mary, Phillip, William, Ann, Joseph, Thomas, and John. Children ranged in age from 19 to 6.

The Henry Stoneman family worked its way west, landing on a farm in Greencastle, Putnam Co., IN in 1850. I have not found them in the 1840 census. In 1860 they are found in Spencer, Owen Co., and in 1870 in Clay Twp., Owen Co. By 1880 Fanny was deceased and Henry was confined in the Owen Co. Asylum. He died on Mar. 8, 1882 in Gosport, Owen Co.

The 1860 census shows the child Anna E. Coffee [sic], age 4, born in Indiana, as a resident in the Henry and Fanny household. This was about 14 years before Susan would marry Adolphus.

At least three of their sons, George, Henry B. and Richard served on the Union side during the Civil War. They were all members of the 14th Indiana Infantry Regiment, and all appear to have survived that struggle.

In addition to Susan, I have looked at the family of Henry B., second eldest son of Henry and Fanny. Henry B. married Rhoda R. Dale on Mar. 8, 1866 in Owen Co. They had at least two children: Jennie, born c1867 and Walter E., born c1872. After the war Henry seems to have lead the typical life of a farmer. He and Rhoda moved to Washington Twp. in 1880 where she apparently died before 1910. In that year Henry B. was a widower and resided in the household with Jennie and her family.

Jennie married James Ahern, a son of Irish emigrants, who was born in Indiana in c1863. He and Jennie were married in Owen Co. on May 14, 1890. James was a locomotive engineer and the family later moved to Indianapolis in Marion Co. They were in that city in 1910 when Henry B. came to live with them.

Jennie and James had at least four children: William, born 1892; Ileen, born 1895; Rhoda, born c1899; and Katherine, born c1902.

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