February 24, 2008

King Daniel and Mary Elizabeth Coffey Nash

King Daniel Nash
Margaret Coffey Nash
King was born c1867 in Virginia and died in Nelson Co. in 1953. He was a son of Daniel Webster and Ann Marie Hatter Nash. Daniel was born c1826 in Virginia and died before the 1920 census. Ann was born c1833 in Virginia.

King married Mary Elizabeth, the daughter of James Madison and Esther Jane Smith Coffey, on Jan. 30, 1890 in Nelson Co. James was born Sep. 15, 1836 in Nelson Co., and died Aug. 15, 1923 in Virginia. Esther was born Feb. 9, 1843 in Virginia and died May 11, 1917 in Nelson Co. Elizabeth was the third of their 10 children.

Their children, as I have them, were:

Daniel Webster Nash
Mildred, born Jul., 1890. This is the name of the first child enumerated in the 1900 census. In 1910 the child in this position was named Salome E., age 19.

Lottie L., born Jul., 1892. She was second born in both the 1900 and 1910 census.

Esther Salome. She first appeared with this name among the children in the 1910 census at age 19.

Delia A., born Feb., 1897. She appeared fourth in 1900 and fourth in 1920. In 1920 she was enumerated as Dilly A., age 13.

In 1910 there appeared a male child by the name of Boson [sic], age 8.

Leland appeared for the first time in 1920 at age 15. At this age, he should have appeared in the 1910 census.

There were no children with King and Mary in the 1930 census.

King and Elizabeth remained in Massies Mill, Nelson Co. their entire lives, and all of their children were born there. Both are buried at the Jonesboro Baptist Church Cemetery at Roseland in Nelson Co.

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