March 23, 2008

Making Everlasting Memories, worldwide memorialization, establish a living family history

Updated Link Sep. 9, 2011

According to a company fact sheet, "Making everlasting Memories®, MeM, is a progressive memory recording and publishing company, which preserves and publishes to the Internet or other current technology, lifelong memories through stories and images. Established in 1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio, MeM distributes its products through e-commerce and 1400+ intermediaries in the US and Canada. MeM is globally accessible via"

I checked it out for Coffey and Coffey and was pleased to find several EY and a very few EE "memories." Many of these included photographs of the deceased.

Access to the files appear to be free (I did not have to do anything to gain access). I suppose they make money through advertisements and contributors to the "memories" files.

Check it out by clicking on the title link.

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