March 5, 2008

William Pinkney and Nancy Caroline Gragg Coffey

Update Mar. 8, 2008 - Some of this lineage is incorrect. Corrections are in the works.

Update Oct. 8, 2012 - Note correction below

William Pinkney Coffey was a son of Silas C. and Eleanor (Nellie) Greene. He was born c1857 at John s River in Caldwell Co., NC, and died Aug. 13, 1942 in Watauga Co.

Nancy was born in Feb., 1863 in the Globe Twp., Caldwell Co., to Johnson P. and Nancy Jane Cuthbertson Gragg. She and William were married Oct. 25, 1883 in Caldwell Co.
William and Nancy were in Caldwell Co. until sometime after 1910, and before 1920 when he was found in Watauga Twp., Watauga Co.

There were at least 12 children born to this union. Two, Nancy Elinder, born Feb., 20, 1886, and William Marshall, born Jul. 28, 1887 died about two weeks apart in Nov., 1890. A third child, Romulous Linney, born in Dec., 1894, died in 1918.
The remainder of the children were:

- Edward Henry, born Dec. 17, 1884, died Mar. 11, 1967. He married (perhaps) three times and fathered at least nine children.
- Grover Alexander, born Jun. 26, 1889, died Apr. 7, 1940. He married Sallie Byrd Moore and fathered at least four children with her.

- Maude Rebecca, born Feb. 6, 1891, died Jul. 24, 1930, married Thomas Harrison Woodie, a son of Rufus and Sara Reid Woodie. They were parents of at least 11 children.

Update Oct. 8, 2012:  In my working file Thomas Harrison Woodie was married to Maude Virginia Coffey, a daughter of Augustus and Betty Beard Coffey, which was incorrect.  The above marriage to Maude Rebecca Coffey is correct.  Thomas and Maude Rebecca are buried at Jonas Ridge community cemetery in Burke Co., NC.

I have 10 children for them:  Fannie, born Apr., 1910, died Apr., 1981, married Challis Linwood Shell, born Jul. 1910, died Aug., 1962; Rufus Paul, born Sep., 1911, died Dec., 1993; Pearl Mabel, born Jun., 1914; Cordia Lee (Cordie), born Apr., 1916, died Oct., 1983, married Coburn Franklin; Alfred, born c1919; Nancy, born c1921; Joseph David, born 1922, died Jul., 1988, married Josephine Helen Dobber; Robert Dale, born Nov., 1923, died Sep., 1975; Howard Jackson, born Jun., 1925; and Lloyd Eugene, born May 1927, died Aug., 2000.

I am working on confirming spouse names and marriage dates for some of these children.

- Bird Elizabeth (Birdie), born Apr. 26, 1893, died Apr. 25, 1982. She married Horatio A. Aldridge on Feb. 19, 1913 in Watauga Co. He was born Apr. 20, 1891 to Samuel Columbus and Margaret Melissa Buchanana Aldridge. They were parents of at least six children.

- Adelaide Louisa (Addie), born Jan. 4, 1897, died Nov. 10, 1942. She married Thomas Arville Storie, a son of Jeremiah and Alice Carlton Storie. Thomas was born c1891. They had at least five children.

- Jennie Lynn, born Sep. 9, 1899, died Jun. 16, 1974 in Prince George Co., MD. She married a distance cousin, Vance Stephenson Coffey on Jul. 4, 1916. Vance was a son of Charles and Sophronia Phipps Coffey. They were parents of at least four children.

- Walter Johnson, born Aug. 17, 1907, died Aug. 29, 1957. He married Bonnie Sluder, a daughter of Andrew and Judy Sluder. They were parents of at least two children. Bonnie died in 1930, and Walter later married Rachel Dean, the widow of Millard Oscar Hampton. She and Walter had at least one child.

- Emma Destemonia, born Apr. 30, 1902, died May 29, 2000. She married Ben Moore on Feb. 14, 1947 and, was later married to James Logan Bladgett.

- Minnie Lee Ella, born Jun. 9, 1904, died Jun. 8, 1992. She was first married to Herbert Spencer (Hub) Wagner in about 1925. Hub was first married to Ruie Ellen Coffey. After her death in 1924 he married Minnie. Hub was convicted of murdering Earl Moody and Deck Byrd on Christmas Day in 1926. Following his release he is thought to have moved to WVa. After Hub, Minnie married Stanford Councill Coffey, a son of Jesse Filmore and Harriett Melissa Calloway Coffey. Minnie and Stanford were also distant cousins.

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