April 17, 2008

Edward Coffey Project

I removed the Edward Coffey Project from the Coffey Cousins website several weeks ago in order to update as well as remove certain families. Since then I have been working on updating sources as well as adding current information as I find it.

There is a bit of reluctance on my part to again place it on-line. At least two readers have used my server to download a few thousand pages!

I have identified the domain that they used to grab my files, and I am working on a way to prevent future downloads of that magnitude.

Hopefully, I will shortly be able to place the project back on-line. In the meantime, the files, including all photos, sources, and other documents (death certificates, etc) can still be obtained for $7.50 shipping and handling by contacting me at 110 Lydia Road, St. Joseph, LA 71366.

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