May 27, 2008

Edward Coffey Project CD Update

The CD that I have been sending to those who order it have contained photos of people and some documents, and requires only one CD.

Today, I learned to my dissatisfaction, in order to include ALL photos, documents, etc. requires a minimum of three CDs. The simple solution for this would be for me to invest in a CD/DVD Read/Write drive, and a stack of blank DVD R/W disks.

Since that won't happen in the near future*, I will continue to send the usual single CD that will contain all facts, sources and photographs of families and/or individuals that I have assembled.

Should someone desire the complete file - in the form of a "shareable CD" created by my genealogy program (Roots Magic) and contained on at least 3 CDs, the cost will increase. There are a few ways that I can send the data on CD, so contact me via the e-mail address above for more details. One method considered requires someone to send me a 2GB thumb drive which I will fill up and return.

A button has been added on the right side of the blog for purchasers to use their Visa, etc., cards to buy the CD. The payment goes through my account with Pay Pal, and is safe and secure.

Click here for more information on Roots Magic.

Disclaimer: I do not work for Roots Magic and do not receive any compensation from them. I simply like the software and often recommend it to anyone looking to buy a genealogy software package.

*If any of my children are reading this, a RW/DVD CD Rom for my laptop would make a great Father's Day gift!

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