May 15, 2008

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

The McCreary County Record Online edition, May 17, 2007, describes the addition of Oliver Slaven of McCreary Co., KY to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

The article was authored by Record staff writer Janie Slaven, the great-granddaughter of Oliver Slaven.

"Sunday, May 9, 1920, began much like any other day for the family man. While on duty that morning, Slaven attempted to arrest a miner named Cole Coffey after finding him with eight quarts of whiskey but the man escaped. Later in the afternoon while searching the crowd at the Stearns baseball diamond where a game was in progress, one of the spectators advised Slaven that Coffey was hiding at a nearby residence. During his second attempt to arrest Coffey, the fugitive shot Deputy Slaven three times."

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Please contact me at the above e-mail address if you can identify the family of Cole Coffey.

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