June 12, 2008

Lafayette Jackson Coffey

This death certificate is a tad bit difficult to read. It is for Lafayette Jackson Coffey who died in Angelina Co., TX on Jun. 10, 1950. According to the document, he was born Sep. 13, 1866 in Hope, [Hempstead Co.] AR to Lilburn Jackson and Lucindi [sic] Sutton Coffey. The informant was George J. Coffey, likely a son.

I have previously written about my GGG-grandfather, Lilburn Coffee. He brought his family from TN to Hempstead Co., AR and settled in the Hope area in about 1850. His first wife, Sarah Hannah Taylor died in March, 1860 and, in 1861 he married Lucinda Sutton. Lilburn died c1877 and I have been unable to find Lucinda in the 1880 census. She was alive however, because in 1883 she asked the county that her father William Sutton be designated a pauper and paid the sum of $10 per month.

I suspect that this Lilburn Jackson, father of Lafayette, is a previously unknown son of my ancestor Lilburn. If he is, he would likely be with his mother in the 1880 census, but neither of them can be found. Neither Lilburn Jackson nor his son Lafayette Jackson has been found in any census through the 1930 enumeration.

A death record has been found for George Jackson Coffey who died in Angelina Co., TX on Jun. 3, 1991. He is likely the George J. Coffey who was the informant on Lafayette's death certificate, and he has also not been found in any census record.

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