July 11, 2008

Lewis McWill and Annie Daniel Pernell Coffey

Lewis was the older brother to Carrie Elizabeth Coffey who married Joseph Welborn.  He was born Apr. 27, 1874 in Caldwell Co., NC and married Annie Daniel Pernell c1904.  Annie was the daughter of the Rev. Patrick H. and Sarah Thomas Pernell.  She was born Jul 31, 1874 in Virginia and died Dec. 23, 1964 in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dr. Coffey (DDS) died of acute respiratory arrest on Oct. 23, 1960 in Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC.  He is buried in Hollybrook Cemetery in Lincolnton.  Sarah's death was attributed to a myocardial infarction following hip surgery.  She is also buried at Hollybrook.

Over the approximately 56 years of marriage, Lewis and Annie did not have any children.

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