July 17, 2008

What a guy!

The following appeared in The News Herald, Morganton, Burke Co., NC, Jul. 15, 2008:

MORGANTON - After a fleeing motorist ditched his car and his mother on the road, he soon ran straight into a police officer's arms.

The one-hour manhunt started Tuesday morning when Trooper Eddie Hobson saw Neil Coffey, 28, of Razor Ridge Road run off the road on U.S. 70 near Bridgewater Road. Coffey turned onto Muddy Creek Road and continued to speed away, so the trooper turned on his lights and began a pursuit.

After reaching speeds of 85 m.p.h., Coffey lost control coming out of a curve and his vehicle stopped on the left shoulder.

With Coffey was his mother, Linda Gunter.

"I told him he was crazy," she told WSOC-9, The News Herald's media partner.

Gunter encouraged Coffey to pull over when his driving became increasingly dangerous.

"You're gonna kill us both," Gunter said she told him. "It ain't worth it."

Having finally stopped, Coffey decided to flee on foot, leaving behind his car and his mother.

This fellow is the son of Roy Paul Coffey, born Apr. 16, 1938, died Feb. 23, 1992. Roy was the son of William McKinley and Annie Lee Crump Coffey.  His mother is named in the article.

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