September 25, 2008

Jefferson & Lina Mae Barnett Coffey

Jefferson Coffey, born Jun. 25, 1884 in Wayne Co., KY, was the first son and fifth child of Lewis Jr., and Permelia Ann Tucker Coffey. He married Lina Mae Barnett, born Oct. 24, 1884 in Wayne Co., c1906.

Their children were:

Oscar H., born c1907

Eva J., born Jan. 24, 1909, died Mar. 30, 1975.  Eva married Sheard Martin, born Jul. 25, 1903, died Feb. 28, 1981 in Wayne Co. Both are buried at the Dodson Cemetery in Steubenville, Wayne Co.

Alfred Wilborn, born Jul. 29, 1911

Leonard C., born Nov. 8, 1913, died of tuberculoses and pneumonia on Nov. 22, 1917. According to Wayne County, Kentucky Cemeteries Book by B.B. Coffey, he was buried at Ross-Rhoda Dodson Cemetery in Montecello, Wayne Co. His death certificate reports only that he was buried at Dodson Cemetery.

Osro William, born Apr. 1, 1916, died Jul. 9, 1986 in Wayne Co. He married Opal Tucker [Taylor?], born Jun. 11, 1912, died Oct. 28, 1983 in Wayne Co. Both are buried at Lockett Chapel in Monticello.

Valda L., born Feb. 27, 1919

Alma E., born Jul. 27, 1921

Huey H., born Jun. 20, 1923. Huey appears with his parents in the photograph.

Separating cemeteries with similar names in the same general location is difficult. Please drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment, if you have more up to date information for any of these family members.

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