November 16, 2008

Arkansas Gravestone Project

I received this e-mail on Friday from Ira Sharp Dennis ["aka Tootie, a woman with a man's name"] outlining the goals of the Arkansas Gravestone Project:

We are a group of Volunteers who are attempting to photograph every gravestone in every county of the 75 counties of Arkansas. We work as County Coordinators (CC's). Every County has a CC that takes care of the cemeteries in that county. We are still short a few CC's but are beginning to add more as we go. We went on line Dec 2007 and have almost 100,000 photos up. Please will you take a look at our site. We want to thank you for the use of your pictures.

We have a Google Group site where the 45 of us exchange information, stories and good ideas. We are also active in saving old, neglected and lost cemeteries when found. We are all about Arkansas. We are looking for more Volunteers and always need help.

My line is off the Sharp's of Sharp County, Arkansas.

Would love to hear from you! Your e-mail will appear with every picture. Thank you for helping to save part of Arkansas history and for your time. Thank you for sharing your pictures of Arkansas gravestones!.

Ira Sharp Dennis aka Tootie woman with man's name.
~Co-State Coordinator
Arkansas Gravestones Project

Please check out this well designed website if you have any interest in finding and/or sharing information and gravestone photographs of your Arkansas ancestors.

Click on the title link to access the website.

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