April 29, 2009

Byron Howe & Nellie Branham Coffey - Updated Apr. 29, 2009

Byron Howe Coffey was born in Owen Co. IN on Jan. 29, 1866 to Wesley W. and Laura Josephine Howe Coffey. Wesley was descended from the Rev. Reuben A. Coffey and his wife Martha "Polly" Dowell, through their son Albert who married Sarah Goodnight.

Nellie Branham was born in Sep., 1873 in Indiana to Larose and Susan A. Halbert Branham. She and Byron were married on Jan. 9, 1894 in Owen Co.

Byron and Nellie moved from Indiana to California between 1910 and 1920, apparently looking for work and a better life. They took four children with them:

Thatcher Howe, born Feb. 7, 1895 in Spencer, Owen Co., died Jul 16, 1956 in Los Angeles, CA. Thatcher joined the Army in WW1, and served with the 40th Div. He was discharged at Camp Kearny in San Diego, CA on Feb. 8, 1919. In Nov. of that year he married Lessa Leona Freeman in Riverside Co., CA. I know of one child for them, a daughter, Mary Jane, born Oct. 5, 1920 in CA., and died as Mary Jane Gratny in West Covina, CA on Jan. 30, 2007. Lessa was the daughter of Fletcher and Margaret McClellan Freeman, born Oct. 5, 1899 in IA died Jan. 24, 1979 in Los Angeles.

Naomi Josephine, born Mar. 22, 1896 in Spencer, died Dec. 4, 1970 in Los Angeles. Naomi married Karl Keeler on Mar. 16, 1916 in Marion Co., IN. They later moved to CA but by 1930 were living in Seattle, King Co., WA. I have two children, Lois, born c1919, and Karl, Jr., born c1921. Lois was born "back home in Indiana," while Karl waited until the family arrived in CA before making his appearance. Karl, Sr. waas born c1896 in Indiana, but I have not yet found a death place or date for him.

Cecile Louise, born Nov. 25, 1897 in Spencer, died Feb. 11, 1946 in Los Angeles. She married Joseph Adolph Iverson c1927, probably in CA. Joseph was the son of Charles John and Agusta Marilda Wagman Iverson. Charles was born in Norway while Agusta was born in Sweden. Joseph died in Nov., 1986 in CA. Cecile preceded him when she died on Feb. 11, 1946 in Los Angeles. I have no children for them.

Jule Hubert, born Dec. 25, 1899 in Spencer, died Mar. 3, 1979 in Los Angeles. He married Harriet Ellen Johnson c1925, a daughter of Gustav and Mary Johnson, both natives of Sweden. I have one child for Jule and Harriet, a son, Harry, born c1927.

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I have received the following corrections for this family:

Dear Mr. Coffee,

I offer these corrections to the "Genealogy e-Newsletter for the Coffee/Coffey Surname and related families" that describes the genealogy of Byron Howe Coffey and "Nellie" Branham Coffey. Byron and Nelle were my paternal grandparents.

1. Nellie's actual name was Nelle Branham.

2. My father, Jule Hubert Coffey, in 1926 married Harriet Ellen Johnson, who was born October 30, 1899 in Tracy, MN. She was the daughter of Harry Gleason Johnson and Ellen Armanda Hicks. There never was any connection with Sweden.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these corrections.

Priscilla Coffey McKenna

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  1. I received the following from Phyliss Peters Murphy who with her husband are current owners of the Iverson Ranch:

    "Joseph and Cecile Louise did marry in California and lived on the Iverson Movie Location Ranch, 1 Iverson Lane, Chatsworth, CA. She was killed in an automobile wreck in California in a rain storm. I am not sure where she is buried but Joe is buried at Oakwood Memorial Park as you stated. When we bought the ranch from Sherman (last of Iverson owners) he showed us a motor in one of the out buildings which was from Louise's car). He said Joe was unable to deal with it, even 50+ years after she died. He subsequently married Iva. He had no children with either wife.

    "Joe's fathers name was is usually spelled as Karl. Some family members from Norway came to visit earlier this week after finding letters he wrote home in 1920s with the ranch address on them. He was the youngest child of 5, and boarded a ship for an adventure, came to CA and the rest is history.

    "Joe was a sniper in WWI and stayed on the ranch after returning from the war. His interests included big game hunting as well as butterfly and rock collector.

    "Joseph had 4 brothers and sisters. Carl and Ana (fraternal twins, Aaron, Sena and Joseph (fraternal twins)"

    Phyliss included a link to an article from the local historical society that may be of interest to ranch researchers: http://tinyurl.com/m4bm436

    She also recommends the book "Quiet on the Set" by Bob Sherman, a nephew of Iva.


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