January 8, 2009

Call the CEO!

My problem with DirecTV has been solved!

After having made numerous calls, sending a couple of snail mails and a few e-mails to their customer service without ANY response, I finally called the office of the DirecTV CEO. After explaining my problem I received a call from the woman I had been attempting all along to contact.

She was in a very agitated way; I could hear it in her voice! She had told me several weeks ago in a message left on my recorder who I should call, and their telephone number. What she failed to do however, was put the "OK" in the network computers. So, when I called that number, they still thought I was a 'baddie,' and referred me back to her.

The CEO's office took care of that, and they will be installing my new HD service this weekend. Plus, I got several good incentives from them as a sort of 'act of contrition.'

I did the same thing with AT&T. When their customer service kept giving me the 'run around,' I sent snail mail to their CEO in San Antonio. I had been complaining about slow downloads and uploads. I've tested my speed using their speed test site and I am getting something akin to dial-up speeds! On top of that, I'm paying them $60/mo. for the service!

There are apparently two connection types: 2G and 3G. The latter is supposed to approach down/up load speeds similar to that of cable installations. Their coverage maps show me in the middle of a 3G area but I was/am getting only a 2G connection.

Turns out, their coverage maps are incorrect, so far as 3G is concerned. According to the CEO's office, a new 3G tower is being built somewhere in my area that "will solve all your problems." The lady did reduce my bill by half and I promised that if speeds do not improve by the end of January, she will hear from me again.

So, if you have a problem with some company that you feel you cannot get solved through so-called customer service, call or write the CEO. I guarantee that will get quick results for you!

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