April 8, 2009

Nebuzaradan Coffey 1789 Wilkes Co., NC - 1867 Marion Co., OR

This Nebuzaradan Coffey was the son of Joel and Martha (or Sealey, depending on which genealogy is used) Stepp/Stapp Coffey. He was born on August 29, 1789 in Wilkes Co., NC and died on January 20, 1867 in Marion Co., OR.

"Neb" spent some time in Wayne Co., KY where he married Elizabeth Easley on September 13, 1810.*
The family left Kentucky sometime before 1850 because they appear in the Marion Co., OR census on January 24, 1850.  Sometime shortly after that, "Neb" was apparently elected to the territorial legislature because between December 2, 1850 and February 2, 1851, he was the "Doorkeeper" for the territorial legislature.

The document shown here is from a report published by the Oregon Secretary of State, H. R. Kinkaid, Biennial Report of the Secretary of the State of Oregon, published by the state in 1899.  It is the only place in the book where "Neb" is mentioned.

*History of Cumberland County, Kentucky, J. W. Wells, 1947

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