April 8, 2009

Who is William Wallace Coffey?

From The semi-centennial alumni record of the University of Illinois by the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus), 1918:
p. 527, 6168: "George Cleveland Coffey Lawyer; LL. B.; b. O 16, 1884; s William Wallace (b. O 5, 1835, Hopkinsville, Ky) and Helen Baily (Knight) Coffey (b. O 8, 1846, Elktown, Ky.). Prepared in Ewing Coll.; Univ. of Mo., 1907-08.  Lawyer, Mt. Vernon, Ill., 1914-16; Benton, Ill., 1916-.  Married Maud Williamson, O 24, 1908.  Address, Benton, Ill.; Bus. Add., Williams, Lewis & Coffey, do."
I suspect the "O" represents the month of October, but were all born in that month?

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