June 6, 2009

John Reuben and Malida Narcissa "Sis" Coffey Hayes

Just browsing my Ed Coffey Project files this morning and stumbled upon this family.  Reuben and "Sis" had at least 12 children, all born between 1876 and 1899, and from Tennessee to Missouri.

One of the children that I was digging around for was Agnes, born Jan. 12, 1895.   She was the tenth of the twelve.  Depending on which census record you believe, she was either born  in Arkansas or Missouri.  She died Jul. 10, 1978 in Snohomish Co., WA. 

Agnes married Andrew Jackson Franks, born Jan. 31, 1885 in Arkansas.  I have not found a marriage date for them, but they probably wed around 1915 or so.  As best as I can determine, they had only one child, Geraldine R., born c1918 in Washington state, and died there in 2007.  According to one report that I found, she was married to a Mr. Tackett.

Andrew registered for the draft in Everett, Snohomish Co. on Sep. 12, 1918.  At that time he described himself as having a slender build and of medium height.  He had blue eyes and black hair.  Andrew was employed as a laborer by the Wearhouser [sic] [Weyerhauser] mill in Everett.  He and Agnes resided at 3121 Broadway in that town.  In the 1920 and 1930 census records they were still residing in Snohomish Co.  In 1930 Andrew as a hod carrier* for a plaster company.

John Reuben Hayes was the son of Harmon and Martha Long Hayes.  "Sis" was the daughter of William Wesley and Gelina E. Shouse Coffey.  The Coffey line goes back to Edward through Cleveland and his wife Susan Hayes; Jesse and Margaret Edmisten Coffey;  Reuben and Sally Scott Coffey; John and Jane Graves Coffey.

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*Most readers will know what a Hod is but, for those who don't, it is a three sided box used to haul bricks and/or mortar to bricklayers.  If Andrew worked for a company applying plaster he would likely have carried that material in a hod box.  A hod carrier is usually referred to as a "hoddie."  The term may be somewhat obsolete today.

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