June 15, 2009

Searching for Virginia Coffeys

I need help identifying the following:

Charles Arthur Coffey, born Jul 28, 1903, died Jun. 4, 1986, buried Wintergreen Cemetery, Nellysford, Nelson Co., VA

Jesse L. Coffey, born 1899, died 1982 and wife Blanche Duncan Coffey, 1905-1973, buried at Hebron Baptist Church Cemetery, Afton, Nelson Co., VA.  Blanche is dau of Robert Leslie and Rose E. Hughes Duncan.

Clifton M. Coffey, born Mar. 15, 1935, died Aug. 9, 1986.  He was son of Cladys D. Coffey, born Mar 31, 1904, died Sep. 5, 1986.  Both are buried at Hebron.

David Alexander Coffey, born Oct. 6, 1925, died Jul. 22, 1980 and wife, Dorothy Thurston Coffey, Oct. 9, 1925 to Aug. 15, 2002.  Both are buried at Rock Spring Cemetery at Faber, Nelson Co.

Ella J. Coffey, born 1870, died 1934, buried Rodes United Methodist Church Cemetery in Nelson Co.

Samuel Preston Coffey, born Apr. 23, 1900, died Jan. 31, 1960 and wife Ethel Grady Coffey, born May 24, 1904, died Apr. 12, 1978.  Samuel may be the son of John W., the son of Robert Wesley and Elizabeth Coffey Coffey.  Samuel is buried at Hebron.

J. Wayne Coffey, born Aug. 2, 1942, died Apr. 28, 1949, buried at Hebron.

Jackie B. Coffey, born Feb. 26, 1938, died Sep 30, 2004, buried at Hebron.

John W. Coffey, born 1870, died 1950, buried at Rodes.

Lacy R. Coffey, born 1892, died 1915, buried at Rodes.

Louise Rebecca Coffey, dau. of S. P. and J. A. Coffey, born Feb. 21, 1925, died Oct. 17, 1934, buried at Rodes.

W. Boyd Coffey, born Mar. 5, 1940, died Aug. 17, 1958, buried at Hebron.

Please contact me at the e-mail address above or, leave a comment if you can help with any of these.

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