August 6, 2009

Coffey & Coffee at Timber Ridge

I wrote earlier about Henry "Big Hill" Coffey and some of his family who are buried at the Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery near Bedford, Bedford Co., VA.  In addition to his family, there are other Coffeys and a few Coffees buried there:

 Bessie J. Coffey, born May 23, 1884, died May 24, 1976

 J. Corbin Coffey, born Oct. 15, 1897, died May 15, 1942

 J. Corbin was a son of Henry Coffey and his wife Mary.  They appeared in the 1920 census at Goodes in Bedford Co.  Henry was born c1885 and Mary c1872 [Yes, she was older].  In addition to Corbin they had children:  Hillery, male, age 9, Laura, are 6, Ida, age 5, Henry, age 4, Adolphus, age 3.  Corbin was seven months old.

Lillie B. Coffey, born Jun. 1, 1856, died Feb. 12, 1956

Rhoda Ann Coffey, born Apr. 13, 1927, died Nov. 18, 2004.  The SSDI reports that she came from or had some folks around Salem in Salem Co., VA
The Coffees are:

H. C., born Apr. 5, 1845, died Jun. 25, 1922

Ida H., born 1874, died 1934

Laura B., born 1872, died 1916

Mary B., born 1840, died 1915
This family could almost be Henry and his wife Mary, J. Corbin's parents!  This Mary is older than H. C. and, both families had daughters named Laura and Ida, and J. Corbin is in the same cemetery.  Differences seem obvious but, I cannot discount errors by whoever inventoried this cemetery!

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