August 23, 2009

The Edward Coffey Project Stats

The following are the stats from the Edward Coffey Project:

20565 individuals - 10266 males; 10225 females; 74 unknowns

5727 marriages - 2787 males; 2940 females.

Total number of individuals is just about equally split between males and females. There are 74 unknowns and that typically represent children with ambigious given names, and sex has not been found elsewhere. Some of them are, of course, infants who died without being named.


Average age at marriage:  Males 22.9 yrs.; females 24.7 yrs.

Average age at death (out of 8203 individuals with a death date):  Males 63.3 yrs; females 62.7 yrs.  This is surprising!  I figured that females easily outlived males.  I guess that can still be true, considering how old some men were when they married teenage brides.

There are 11120 individuals for whom I have a marrige date.  Average number of marriages for males:  1.06; females, 1.08  Average children per family: 2.9.

The CD is still available.  See sidebar for info on how to obtain one for yourself.  Let me know if you prefer not to use Pay Pal and I'll send you my USPS address.

You won't find a better compiled, better sourced or more photos than the work I have completed on this project.  I work on this project almost daily, adding, correcting, amending, etc.

It's worth a lot more than $10!

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