August 17, 2009

Shelton and Dicy Sanders Coffey

Janet Amtower documented the travels of her ancestor, Rev. Reuben A. and his wife, Polly Dowell Coffey.  I wrote about them in Dec., 2006  I also wrote about their son Shelton and his family in a subsequent blog.

Now, Janet has posted many family photographs and some biographical information about Shelton and his descendants at Find-A-Grave.

A word about Find-A-Grave.  If you haven't discovered this treasure yet, give it a try.  I have found literally hundreds of headstones and other information for the Edward Coffey Project CD using this resource!  While you are visiting, take some time to upload your own headstone photos.  They can be extremely helpful to the next researcher, who might be a long lost cousin with just the info you need to break down your personal "brick wall."

Shelton Coffey
These are cropped versions of Janet's photo of Shelton and Dicy together.  I chose to crop so that I could add a photo to their individual data pages in my file.  Visit her FAG site at the above link to see all of the photos she has uploaded.

Dicy Sander Coffey

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