October 24, 2009

Emanuel E. Bullen

Some genealogies report his name as Emanuel while others report it as Manuel.  I would suspect that given his heritage his name was probably Emanuel.  However, his death certificate records him as M. E. Bullen.  I have also seen his family surname spellen Bullens, Bullins, etc.  The spelling here was taken from his death certificate.  Some genealogies also report his death due to pneumonia following a dowsing in a creek as part of his wedding celebration.  His death certificate however, reports that he died of typhoid fever.  In any event, it appears that he did die within a few weeks of his marriage to Miss Orla Dotson.

Emanuel, or Manuel if you choose, was born Aug. 3, 1891 in Wildie, Rockcastle Co., KY to James Chalton and Elvira Coffey Bullen.  He died on Jan. 31, 1915 in Rockcastle Co. and was buried in Scaffold Cane cemetery at Roundstone.

James and Elvira, a daughter of Elias Henry "Eli" and Hannan Bullen Coffey, was born Dec. 10, 1863 in Wildie and died there on Mar. 18, 1913 and was buried at Scaffold Cane cemetery.  James was born Apr. 12, 1866 in TN and died in Madison Co., KY on Nov. 10. 1948.  He is probably also buried at Scaffold Cane, but I have no record of that. 

He and Elvira married on Aug. 20, 1885 in Rockcastle Co. and were the parents of at least eight children; Emanuel the third born.

Joseph M., born May 15, 1886; Willie, born May 9, 1890, died May 28, 1896; Unnamed chld, born and died May 14, 1892; Matilda Pearl, born 1896, died 1983; Thomas J., born Oct. 4, 1895, died May 26, 1933; Dewey Bryant, born Jul., 1899, died 1983; and apparently another son named Willie, born Dec. 7, 1906.

Matilda married Thomas H. Wolfe and both are buried at Berea cemetery, Madison Co., KY.

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