October 19, 2009

Jesse Calton & Julia Elizabeth Hollifield Coffey

Jesse Calton was born Mar. 27, 1867 at Coffey's Gap in Watauga Co., NC to George Washington "Wash" and Matilda "Tilda" Coffey Coffey.  Wash was the son of William Clayton and Sarah Greene Coffey while Tilda was the daughter of Jesse Calton and Nancy A. Raines Coffey.  William was uncle to Jesse, their common ancestor being Jesse and Margaret Edmisten Coffey.

Julia Hollifield was born Mar. 31, 1873 in Watauga Co. and died Jul. 11, 1957 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co.  She and Jesse were married May 7, 1892 in Watauga Co.  Her parents were Wiley and Mary Ann "Annie" Reid Hollifield.  Another daughter, Flora Ellen Hollifield married Reuben Finley Coffey on Dec. 14, 1893 in Caldwell Co.

Jesse and Julia were parents of at least nine children:

George Wiley, born Mar. 20, 1890, died Jan. 25, 1948 in Wilkes Co.  He married Ida Belle Norman on Apr. 11, 1912 and they were parents of at least nine children.  Ida was born in 1886 in Lenoir and died there in 1974.

Charles Alexander "Charlie" was born Jul. 2, 1894 in Caldwell Co., and died May 17, 1966 in Lenoir.  He married Julia Evelyn Knight on Sep. 4, 1915 in Watauga Co.  Julia was born Sep. 13, 1896 and died Jan. 21, 1981.  They were also parents of at least nine children.

Annie, born Feb. 16, 1896, died Jul. 4, 1976. No other information.

Thomas Leroy "Tom", born Oct. 13, 1898, died Feb. 11, 1974 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co.  Tom married Alice Sanders on Jul 19, 1919 in Watauga Co.  She was the daughter of Eve and Emma Sumlin Sanders of Caldwell Co.  Alice died Feb. 24, 1962 in Blowing Rock.  They were also parents of at least nine children.

Ella, born Feb. 22, 1901, died Jul. 15, 1983 in Morganton, Burke Co., NC.  Ella married a Mr. Smith.  No other information.

Rev. Harley Clint, born Jul. 11, 1903 in Upton, Caldwell Co., died Mar. 5, 1972 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC.  He married twice, first to Dovie "Texie" Bolick on May 8, 1927 in Watauga Co., and second to Myrtle Thelma Andrews on Nov. 20, 1930 in Winston-Salem.  I know of only one child, a daughter Claudine, born to his union with Myrtle.  Texie died of dysentery after a little over a year of marriage, on Jun. 16, 1928.  Myrtle, a daughter of William M. and Manarky Victoria Shook Andrews died Nov. 13, 1979 in Valdese, Burke Co., NC.

Pearl Nevada, born Feb. 8, 1906, died Feb. 25, 1993.  She married first James Samuel Day on Apr. 22, 1923 in Watauga Co.  James, a son of James Mordichi and Annie Marie Reid Day, was born Aug. 5, 1899 in Watauga Co. and died there on Mar. 13, 1956.  She later married James' brother Spencer who died in Caldwell Co. in 1965.  Pearl died Feb. 25, 1993.

William Glenn, born Apr. 11, 1909, died Feb. 24, 1977 in Alexander Co., NC.  He married Annie Rivers "Nannie" Coffey, a daughter of Jesse Cleveland and Eliza Loudermelt Coffey.  Nannie was born Jan. 1, 1910 in Avery Co., NC and died Apr. 15, 1952 in Boone, Watauga Co.  I know of one child, Jerry Guy Coffey, born Sep. 12, 1933, died Jan. 25, 1998.  Jesse Cleveland and Jesse Calton were first cousins.

Bertha Vienna, born Sep. 2, 1912, died Jan. 14, 1970 in Blowing Rock.  She was the second wife of Adren Reece Moody, born Dec. 6, 1909 in Watauga Co., died Sep. 12, 1968 in Blowing Rock.  Adren was the son of Arthur C. and Rota Marticia Estes Moody.  He and Bertha were the parents of at least two children:  Teresa Geraldine, born May 7, 1932, died Jan. 8, 1994 and Catherine Elizabeth, born May 7, 1935, died Jan. 23, 1993.  Adren's first wife was Edna Porter with whom he had at least one child, Louise born Nov. 15, 1928.

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