October 28, 2009

Lewis Coffey, Jr.

Lewis, born Aug. 23, 1850 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY, was a son of Lewis and Elizabeth Watters Coffey.  He married Permelia Ann Tucker, a daughter of William, on Nov. 7, 1870 in Pulaski Co.  Permelia was born in KY on Mar. 8, 1851 and died of Grippe in Berea Valley, Wayne Co., on Nov. 6, 1932. 

Lewis died of Cholera on July 25, 1928 in Beech Valley, Wayne Co.  Both are buried at Spann Hill Cemetery in Monticello, Wayne Co.

I have found at least eight children for them:

Eliza, born Feb., 1874, died May 10, 1963.  She married William B. Dodson on Oct. 12, 1898.  He was born in Mar., 1869 in KY and died in Wayne Co. on Nov. 30, 1958.  I have one child for them a son Carmil, born Aug., 1899 in Wayne Co.  Eliza and William are buried at Ross-Rhoda Dodson Cemetery, Monticello, in Wayne Co.

Martha, born Nov. 27, 1875 in Wayne Co., and died there died on May 25, 1956.  She married Jacob Cosby Koontz on Feb. 16, 1905 in Wayne Co.  He was born Mar. 7, 1885 in Wayne Co. and died there on Apr. 24, 1962.  Their children were Elba, born c1906; Delbie, born c1908; Bertha, born Nov. 14, 1911, died Apr. 4, 1935; and Cosby, born Oct. 25, 1915, died Jan. 7, 1983.  Martha is buried at Spann Hill where Jacob is also likely buried.

Mary, born Apr. 4, 1878, died Dec. 19, 1883.

Elitha "Litha", born Apr. 15, 1881, died Apr. 6, 1969.  She married Joseph F. "Joe" Lair on May 15, 1902.  He was born in 1870 and died Jan. 20, 1968.

Jefferson, born Jun. 14, 1884, died Aug. 30, 1969.  He married c1922 Lina Mae Barnett.  She was born Oct. 24, 1884 and died Oct. 7, 1961 in Somerset, Pulaski Co.  Their children were Oscar H., born c1907; Eva J., born Jan. 24, 1909, died Mar. 30, 1975; Alfred Wilborn, born Jul. 29, 1911; Leonard C., born Nov. 8, 1913, died Nov. 22, 1917; Orso William, born Apr. 1, 1916, died Jul. 9, 1986; Valda L., born Feb. 27, 1919; Alma E., born Jul. 27, 1921; and Hugh Henderson "Huey", born Jun. 20, 1923, died Dec. 14, 1985.  Jefferson and Lina are buried at Elk Spring cemetery in Monticello.

Mitt, born Mar. 16, 1887 in Wayne Co., died Sep. 22, 1970.  He married Flossie Linnie Taylor on May 29, 1913.  Flossie was born Nov. 17, 1894.  Their children were: Mat; Herman T., Ruby O.; Earl A.; Will Roe [?]; Odie W.; Flora Pearl; Flossie Glenna; and Harley.

Flora Delia, born Jul. 26, 1889 in Wayne Co., died there on Jan. 12, 1936.  She married Fredrick L. Ingels on Jul. 24, 1915.  He was born Mar. 18, 1881 and died in Wayne Co. on Oct. 24, 1939.  I have one child, Lora H., born Sep. 22, 1916.  Flora and Fredrick are buried at Spann Hill.

William, born Oct. 6, 1893 in Wayne Co., died there on May 3, 1986.  He married a distant cousin, Lexie Coffey on Feb. 15, 1936, a daughter of Henderson and Margaret Coffey Coffey.  Lexie was born Jan. 9, 1909 in Oil Valley and died on Sep. 16, 1967.  Both are buried at Elk Spring.

More information is available.  Contact me at the above e-mail address to request more info, or to add to or correct any of this information.


  1. Kenneth Wayne Coffey9:08 AM

    Jack, Could you please make corrections on my grandfather and great grandparents. My great grandparents are as you have them listed Jefferson and Lina Mae (Barnett) Coffey. My great grandfathers full name is Jeff (not Jefferson) and he does not have a middle name. Great grandmas middle name is spelled May (not Mae). My grandfather (Oscar H.) is Oscar Hayden Coffey he was born 22 March 1907 Wayne Co Ky and died Feb 1973 in Springfield, Sangamon Co IL and is buried in Ashland City Cemetery, Ashland Cass Co IL. ossw his wife Ethel Coco (Powell) Coffey NOTE: There is a Oscar H. Coffey buried in Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello KY who was also born in 1907 but died in 1969. Many people list him as Jeff and Linas son but he is Oscar Henderson Coffey a cousin of my grandfather.

  2. Kenneth, is this your grandmother?

    first name: Ethel
    middle name:
    last name: Coffey
    name suffix:
    birth date: 14 January 1899
    social security number: 351-34-4666
    place of issuance: Illinois
    last residence: Cass, Illinois
    zip code of last residence: 62612
    death date: November 1977
    estimated age at death: 78

    1. Kenneth Wayne Coffey1:10 PM

      Yes that is my grandmother, she was born in Wayne Co Ky and she died at home in Ashland Cass Co IL after a stroke.. She is the daughter of James Henry Powell 1861-1951 and Laura Belle Hall 1866-1936 of Wayne Co KY. James Henry Powell and Laura Belle (Hall) Powell are buried in the cemetery at Elkhart, Logan Co IL (James Henry Powell is the son of Henry James Powell and Sara Ann Black, and the grandson of Rev Isaac Newton Powell Sr and Mary Small)

  3. Kenneth Wayne Coffey10:49 AM

    A couple more additions to this post.

    ELIZA COFFEY DODSONs husband WILLIAM B. DODSON s/o Isham Burnett Dodson and Rhoda Tuttle

    JACOB CROSBY KOONTZ (s/o Jacob Koontz and Minerva Roysdon)"is" buried in Spann Hill Cemetery, Wayne Co KY he is ossw his wife Martha (who is buried as Martha C. Koontz) Also Jacob and Martha's daughter, BERTHA KOONTZ is buried in Spann Hill Cemetery (she is buried as Bertha Koontz Richardson, her husband was Milford Richardson,(s/o Henry W Richardson and Melissa Ethel Barnett. Milford is LINA MAY BARNETT COFFEYs nephew.
    MARTHA COFFEY KOONTZs granddaughter CLEO KOONTZ BARNETT COFFEY (d/o Delbie Koontz and Dora Barnes) passed away 22 Feb 2012, she was born 27 Aug 1935. Her first husband was Arnold Barnett and her second husband was Howard A. Coffey. Cleo had five children and 7 step-children, 4 brothers and 6 sisters. Cleo was buried in the Elk Spring Cemetery, Monticello Wayne Co KY

    ELITHA COFFEY (d/o Lewis Coffey Jr and Permelia Ann Tucker) buried ossw husband Joseph F. Lair in Elk Spring Cemetery Monticello Wayne Co KY (she is buried as Litha Lair)
    IRA LAIR (s/o Joseph F. Lair and Elitha Coffey) (b) 20 July 1910 (d) 14 Dec 1966 buried in Elk Spring cemetery ossw wife NANNIE LEONA BARNETT (b) 24 Dec 1913 (d) 11 Dec 1995 (buried as Leona Lair)(sister of LINA MAY BARNETT COFFEY)
    VADA LAIR (d/o Joseph F. Lair and Elitha Coffey) (b) 15 July 1912 (d) 30 Aug 1996 buried in Elk Spring cemetery as Vada Barnett. She was the fist wife of OLEN LAWRENCE BARNETT (he is brother of LINA MAY BARNETT COFFEY)
    ALFERD WILBURN COFFEY "Wilbur" (s/o Jeff Coffey and Lina May Barnett) married NANCY ETHEL COFFEY (d/o John Lewis Coffey and Geneva Lair)

    LEONARD CLATTEN COFFEY (s/o Jeff Coffey and Lina May Barnett) is buried in the Ross-Rhoda Dodson cemetery, Wayne Co KY

    WILLIAM COFFEY (s/o Lewis Coffey Jr and Permelia Ann Tucker) married LEXIE COFFEY COFFEY and her sister IDA COFFEY COFFEY both d/o Henderson Coffey and Margaret Coffey coffey (William ossw Lexie in Elk Spring cemetery)

    I can add more later if you like....Ken


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