November 22, 2009

Mystery Coffey Family Photographs - Update 11/26/09

These are some of the photos in my collection for which I have no information.  If you recognize them please drop me a note.

C.W. Coffee is Columbus Washington Coffee, born Jan. 20 1856 in Forsyth Co., GA, died 1936.  His wife was Mary Ellen Blackburn who died in 1945.  C. W. was a son of Starling or Sterling Coffey and his wife Nancy Tyler Cannon.  Starling is thought to be a son of Elijah and Polly Hull Coffey.  Nancy, born c1831 in GA is said to be the daughter of Hiram and Hannah Tyler Cannon.

Brenda Adams, a descendant of Starling/Sterling wrote to me way back in Jan. 2005 that this family has always and continues to spell their surname Coffee.

The ancestry of C.W. before Elijah is a bit cloudy.  I have Elijah as a son of Thomas and Sarah "Sally" Fields Coffey.  Brenda thinks he might be a son of Jesse Cleveland.  I don't believe either one of us is absolutely certain.

The family posing in front of the house has not yet been identified.  They are not believed to be part of C.W.'s family.

All of these photos are labeled C. W. Coffey with no additional information, except for the last one which indicates it is a 50th anniversary photo.

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