November 11, 2009

Zidner Coffey

Miscellaneous information for Zidner Coffey.

Son of Ananias "Nias" and Jane Hindman Coffey.  Married Marganna (Ann?) Keltner Jan. 20, 1831 in KY.  Died Jul. 23, 1869.  He is probably buried in Adair Co. where he lived most of his adult life.

Children, all born in Adair Co.:  Martha Jane, born c1831; William A., born 1832; Sarah Ann, born c1835; John Davis, born c1836; Ardena, born c1838; Thomas G., born c1841, died Jan. 7, 1878 in Adair Co.; Elizabeth, born c1842; Robert W., born c1843, married Sally C. Compt[i]on, had child William Zidner, born 1892 died 1961 in OH; Ellen, born c1845; Sophia, born c1846; Andrew Jackson "Jack", born Jan., 1848, died 1928, married Dorinda Frances "Drindy" Rogers.  Children were James Wesley, Dorather (?); Minnie, Bennie, Cassius Curl; George R., Lorzy (?), Gideon and Lula; Mary, born c1849.

Jun. 15, 1810, Zidner born in Wayne Co., KY; no other details.

1840 Adair Co., KY census, page 32.  Age and Sex:  21001/110001

1850 Adair Co., KY census, page 23, dwelling/family 323, 5 Aug 1850, 1st Dist. Coffey, Zinder 40 M KY Farmer; 500; Ann 41 F VA XY; William 17 M KY Farmer A; S.A. 15 F?KY A; John B. 14 M; KY A; Ardena 12 F KY A; Thomas 9 M KY A; Sophia 8 F KY A; Ellen 6 F KY;
Robert 7 M KY; A. J. 4 M KY; M. 1 F KY.
14 May 1853 in Adair Co., KY, bond Sarah Ann Coffey and Joseph Price.  Zidner was surety.

27 Apr. 1865, Adair Co., KY, Sophia Coffey married William R. Willis at the home of Zidner Coffey.

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