December 22, 2009

Nearly 30,000 and counting!

As of about a half-hour ago,  292 more readers of this blog were needed to reach 30,000 by Dec. 31. 

This isn't the greatest genealogy blog on the internet; perhaps not even the best Coffey/e blog (are there others?), but I have written 919 of them - not counting those I've updated from time to time - since the first one on Dec. 7, 2004.  The blog averages close to 500 readers per month who to date have read a total of 72,092 pages.

Thanks very much to you regulars who write to keep me straight and, to the casual readers who find me via an internet search engine.

I'm using some of this cold and wet weather we're currently having in south Louisiana to work on my Edward Coffey Project, getting headstone photos, death certificates, etc. properly identified, color corrected, etc.  It's a fairly large undertaking, but it's not wasted effort.  I'm hoping that "someday" this project will be the most comprehensive and accurate genealogy of Edward Coffey and Ann Powell in existence.

Next year I'm considering taking on "special requests" for blog subjects.  That is, if a reader has a specific Coffey that they are having trouble finding, I'll give it a try and report my findings in the blog.  I know that's a seriously large undertaking.  I run across hundreds of Coffey families every month in census records, etc. and, haven't a clue which family they belong to.  That makes me nervous!

So, this will be the last of the 2009 blog entries.  I wish all of you a very Merry (but safe) Christmas!

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